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You have created the best product. And millions of consumers are eager to get their hands on it. But if your customers are unhappy with the service you offer, business is going to suffer. You might even have to shut down your business.

Good customer service is the bedrock of a sustainable and thriving business. Bafler, a logistics solution and third-party shipping provider, knows the value of a good customer service program. Our customers are the fuel for our business.

We train our customer service staff to be the best. They are committed to their jobs and work to make sure that our customers are happy. They also deal with all the issues and answer question that customers might have quickly and efficiently.

We view our clients as partners. “If we do not do our part to provide optimum service and perform our jobs well, their own business suffers, and their customers are dissatisfied,” Bafler states on its website at

Serving customers

At Bafler, we hire employees only after putting them through a comprehensive interviewing and vetting process. We make sure they are experts in their fields and can handle and resolve issues.
Our customer service team can help you make important decisions that will help your business grow.

Our consulting teams are also available to help you succeed. Any of our clients looking to expand or relocate can use our real estate consultants to help find new properties or space. And when you find suitable space, our consultants will help you hammer out the best possible lease or purchase deal.

Also, Bafler, which is owned by Transport Express Inc., is available to help you set up your business space. Our consultants can assist you with the design of a floor plan and workflows, maximizing your space.

A component of our customer service also includes helping you deal with hazardous material products. Our consultants will work with you and your product manufacturer to make sure those products are being handled and stored correctly. The safety of your products, our staff, and our facility is a priority for Bafler.

Our freight brokerage services help clients deal with large product shipments. This service to our clients saves them money.

Consultants are available to work with you to negotiate the best carrier rates. You can talk online and get all your questions answered. We even recommend that you set up this preferred method of communication when you sign up for our services.

Our service

Our customer service program helps you expand the reach of your business. And our service reps are always ready to resolve any issues that might stand in your way. Our customer service program includes:

Customer service staff offering personal attention. You can reach out to them if there is a problem, and we will resolve any issues.
We assign two customer service representatives to a business client. These reps work exclusively with the client assigned to them, and our business customers view them as part of their company staff.

This dedication to our clients has made Bafler a success in the industry. And our comprehensive list of services has led to growth in our clients’ businesses.




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