5 Cheapest Places to Live in Birmingham

Although Birmingham has become one of the most desirable places to live in the UK, there are still areas in and around the city that remain relatively inexpensive to purchase a home. For individuals, couples, and families who are seeking all the amenities that Birmingham offers while keeping to a strict budget, what follows are the five cheapest places to live in Birmingham. 

Castle Vale 

Located on the eastern side of Birmingham, Castle Vale is a housing estate that offers a population of roughly 10,000. The area itself was once industrial, but that has radically changed over the past few decades to become a desirable place to live. The location boasts good schools, plenty of shopping, and easy community to the rest of Birmingham proper. 

The average price for a detached home in Castle Vale is about £136,000, making it the most expensive on the list. But it is still quite affordable which makes it the perfect starter home. 


You can find Handsworth just to the northwest of the city centre of Birmingham. The town has been in existence at least since the publishing of the Domesday Survey of 1086. Handsworth offers the unique combination of suburban amenities with inner-city lifestyle. This community boasts exceptional schools and is designed for couples and families who need a starter home.

The average price of a detached home in Handsworth is just £107,000, making it the cheapest place to live on this list. 


The very definition of an inner-city community, Lozells is well-known for its multi-racial population. You can find a mixture of detached and council homes. And while the area has been known for violence in the past, that has been cleaned up making it an attractive place for families to live. In addition to is convenient location, Lozells also boasts plenty of shops and stores in which you can find what you need. 

The average price for a home in the area is £113,000, making Lozells remarkably affordable and the perfect place to purchase a starter home. 


If you want to live in the centre of Birmingham, the Nechells is the perfect choice. Offering a mixed racial population, Nechells offers plenty of shopping, excellent community, and reputable schools for families. And while the community may not be the most beautiful in terms of setting, it does provide affordable living which makes it highly desirable. 

With an increase in average home price of over 12% in just the past five years, a typical home in Nechells will cost around £116,000. 


Many know Witton for being the home of the famous Aston Villa Football Club, where you can see their home games being played at Villa Park. But this inner-city community also boasts good shopping, notable features, and home prices that are quite low for the area. A recent renovation effort has helped to remove much of the old industrial building complex and replace it with affordable homes. 

The average price for homes in the Witton area is £123,00 if looking to sell your home quickly, making it the most expensive on the list, but still quite affordable.