9 Fascinating Churches and Cemeteries in Melbourne

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When you think of a church, what do you see? A place for worship and prayer? A place to share your thoughts with others in the community? Whatever it is that comes to mind when you think about churches, the chances are that it was not a list of nine fascinating churches. That’s right! We have compiled this list so that all people can learn more about these amazing places where we go to find peace.


Below are 9 famous churches and cemeteries in Melbourne:


  1. St. John’s Anglican Church – This church welcomes people of all faiths and beliefs, including those from the LGBTIQ community. It is a diverse congregation with worship services in more than 20 languages every day.


  1. Wesley Uniting Church – The building itself was designed by Sidney J Brown to be an expression of Christian faith and social concern for others and oneself. 


  1. All Saints’ Cathedral Basilica – For many years now, this has been the home of Archbishop Denis Hart, who calls Melbourne his spiritual capital city. You will find that events are going on at this cathedral throughout the year.


  1. St Patrick’s Cathedral – The cathedral is open every day of the year and offers visitors a unique opportunity to tour its three levels, including an amazing crypt area that features some very old tombs. So if you want to spend your Sunday morning exploring this Catholic place, don’t wait another minute!


  1. St Francis Xavier’s Church – This church has been a focal point for members of the Vietnamese community since it was established in 1978. The building is really spectacular and features more than 250 stained glass windows depicting biblical stories such as Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve, and Daniel In The Lion’s Den.


  1. Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral – You will find that this cathedral plays an active role in Melbourne life with its weekly services, Saturday liturgies, and other events throughout the week like concerts or lectures.


  1. St. Mary Magdalene’s Eastern Orthodox Church – Located on Swanston Street where you can also find many cafes nearby to enjoy while exploring! It offers Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 11 am followed by English language instruction, but please check with them before attending.


  1. Sacred Heart Cathedral Basilica – Known for its stunning stained glass windows that parishioners donated over many years, this cathedral also features two chapels on either side which hold statues from Europe dating back to the 17th century and more than 100 different types of marble within those walls!


  1. Waverley Cemetery – One thing you will notice when visiting this cemetery is how much space there seems to be between all of the headstones and cemetery plaques, with most of them being able to be seen from one another. This is because, in 1873, it became illegal for cemeteries within a city’s limits, so those who died were transported here and buried either side-by-side or on top of each other according to social hierarchy.