A Smish CyberAttack By Threat Actors: Fake Chrome App

Recently, an Android malware that looks similar to the Google Chrome app has infected millions of devices in just a few weeks. The fake platform acts as a hybrid cyberattack campaign to steal crucial data. It is done through phishing.

About the cyberattack

The Pradeo researchers revealed the attack initiated with a simple smishing gambit. A message is received by the victim on the phone asking for a fee to get a package delivered at home. Users who have clicked on the message believing it to be true have fallen into the trap. Soon, a page will appear stating to update your Google Chrome. When they agree to it, they allow the attackers to access the details. After that, you will proceed to the malicious website hosting the activity. As you have accepted it, now the malware app will get downloaded on your mobile.

The process to collect credit card details

Similar kinds of apps are designed by attackers that help to bypass every security solution. It is stated by Pradeo researchers, which work on the basic levels. But the damage caused by them is huge, and the techniques used by them are simple. They never use advanced technologies, which is the prime reason detecting them is a challenge. They spread so quickly that you can never even think of them. It came into the limelight after European countries the threat and the way it is propagating.

Propagating from one device to another

After a person has installed the app, then his or her system is being used to attract more people. Every day 300 messages are sent by every device automatically to different people. In that way, 2000 messages are sent in a week to infect as many individuals as possible. When a person falls for the trap, the propagation keeps multiplying. By this, you can understand how harmful it is.

Get a VPN

Before you fall into the traps, go ahead and opt for a VPN solution. You can at least be sure that your security and privacy are maintained. Privacyinthenetwork is a solution with various schemes, and they are available at competitive prices. Thus, you must check their specifications and decide which would be the best for you. The early you avail the solution, the more relaxed you can be as you never know who is keeping an eye on your activities.