A Step-by-Step Guide to Enhancing call center productivity metrics Completely

The level of productivity maintained by your employees will have a significant impact on the success of your call centre as a whole. To successfully expand your contact centre business, one of the activities you must engage in frequently is benchmarking your team’s productivity against the productivity of other call centres in your demographic. This will allow you to gain a greater understanding of your call center’s level of productivity. 

How to Determine a Call Center’s Productivity

Establishing pertinent key performance indicators (KPIs) and then comparing call center productivity metrics to these KPIs is an excellent method for determining the performance of your call centre. 

Here is a list of metrics that you should consider measuring in your contact centre:

Average Handle Time (AHT)

Average Handle Time is the amount of time that elapses between when an agent takes up a call and when they hang up after taking it. It is not always simple to determine the optimal AHT for your call centre, as it must be neither too long nor too brief.

After Call Work (ACW) 

Time After Call Work Time, also known as ACW Time, is the quantity of time an agent spends after a call to enter data and make notes. A minimal ACW Time is essential for the profitable operation of a call centre.

The Abandon Call Rate, Also Called ACR

The percentage of respondents who hang up prior to being connected to an agent is referred to as the “abandon call rate.” When the ACR is high, it may be indicative of an inefficient scheduling and delegation system.

Customer Satisfaction Overall, Also Known as CSAT

The level of customer satisfaction with your company’s representatives can reveal both their strengths and weaknesses. The CSAT score offers insight into the quality of work conducted by your call center’s personnel. 

Maintain a Focus on the Appropriate KPIs

Monitoring the appropriate metrics can provide an accurate depiction of the performance of your contact centre. Without the data, you cannot accurately evaluate the growth of your call centre.

How you define productivity will determine the metrics you choose to track and analyse. The Average Handle Time can be a useful metric when the goal is to swiftly end calls. Tracking First Call Resolution may be the most useful metric to use when attempting to solve issues in the fewest possible stages. 


When it comes to expanding your call centre business, your employees are the most valuable asset you have available. If your employees are motivated and productive, they can propel your company’s development, whereas poorly trained employees can hinder it. Implementing some of the ideas and strategies discussed in this article could be extremely beneficial for the productivity of your call centre.