Aa meetings: What You Need to Know

The Growth of People of Color Meetings in Alcoholics Anonymous | KCRWIf you’ve never attended an A.A. meeting before, you might be unsure of what to anticipate. There are a few things to keep in mind when you attend a meeting: Dues paid by the group’s members fund all of the group’s expenses. Despite the fact that you are not obligated to pay, some groups do. Other meetings use “white chips” or “surrender chips” to indicate their sobriety. The “24-hour chip” is for newcomers to the organisation.


The Serenity Prayer is recited at the start and end of most meetings by a chairman or secretary. Several of the Twelve Traditions and “How It Works” from the Big Book have been approved for use as readings during conferences. Readings can be added at the beginning or conclusion. After then, there may be a guest speaker or a round of questions and answers. From an hour to several hours, A.A. meetings might be held.


A.A. meetings can be classified as either closed or open. Alternatively, groups can communicate through telephone. In certain cases, video conferencing is used, while in others, participants ring in to a conference call. If you’re unsure of how your local group’s meetings will be conducted, you can get in touch with the Central Office. Consider organising an open meeting at your house for those who are just getting acquainted with the group.


There are open Aa meetings, but consider the privacy of others when attending one. An open AA meeting can be dangerous in some circumstances. For example, someone with a compromised immune system would not be able to handle it. The COVID-19 virus is particularly dangerous if you reside in a rural location. Consider your privacy settings if you plan to attend an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). You’ll also save bandwidth by disabling video.


AAS2RWW is an open email group for those who aren’t comfortable attending regular meetings. Each day, the chair of the meeting will send out a meeting notice. After reading and responding to it, you can do so at your convenience. The purpose of an AA meeting is to bring together like-minded people and inspire new beginnings. As a result, they do not advocate for any political or religious ideology. People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol can benefit from the message of recovery they spread via their work.


Non-religious Aa meetings are also available. You can attend an AA meeting with people of many faiths while yet adhering to a rigid treatment programme. This non-profit focuses on donations and suggestions rather than membership dues or other requirements. Even while AA isn’t a religious organisation, the people who operate its meetings do have a similar way of thinking. The only restriction is your own personal convictions.


Meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous are free and available to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Alcoholism can strike anyone at any age. They range from teenagers to someone well into their twenties. The majority of the population is either employed or a housewife. 


The number of women attending buffalo ny aa meetings is constantly increasing, despite some noteworthy variations in age groups. There are ladies of all ages, backgrounds, and drinking habits in this group. Addiction has traditionally been seen as a problem for men, but A.A. doesn’t make any differences between genders and offers female members a place to find understanding and support.