All You need to know about Marijuana Light in Italy

Marijuana Light: on this topic there is – unfortunately – still a lot of misinformation, and for this reason there is a frequent tendency to confuse the dangerous derivatives of marijuana from those that, instead, were approved by the Italian Parliament with legislation a few years ago, and “supported” in their legitimacy by some stances taken by the Supreme Court.

But what makes it possible to distinguish illegal Marijuana from Marijuana Light?

In summary, the main difference is simply in the concentration of a substance (THC), which is naturally present in the plant and that among the information cannabis Italy must be contained on particularly low thresholds.

In fact, Marijuana Light must be 0.5% in percentage or less, and that conversely all products that exceed this threshold are considered not licit, as well as capable of impacting human health with their effects on the body.

The above distinguishing criteria should be a good wake-up call for those who want to buy safe products, as well as a deep dividing line between products that are legal and those that would expose them to detrimental consequences, including criminal ones.

What’s more, illegal derivatives often carry no information at all on the packaging, while safe and legal products have all the real and transparent information on how to use the product, the amount of THC and the origin of the plant (as well as identification of the producing company).

Indeed, it does not escape the notice that in the Marijuana Light industry, it is traceability that is the real selling point.

In the purchasing process, therefore, one must pay the utmost attention to the Cannabis store to which one turns, what is its operational and legal location, and, above all, what information about the treatments and processes that the raw material has received, before arriving on the shelves or on an e-commerce site.

Remember also that businesses that distribute legal cannabis-and that may sell some of the most widely purchased types of light cannabis-can also be franchises, and that it is always a good idea-even then-to find out who the supplier of the products is. This formula makes it possible to understand which operators are in charge and responsible for each step of the supply chain from the producer to the purchase order in total transparency.

Well, introduced the above, in this guide, you will find out everything you need to know about legal cannabis: the regulations, what a shop must offer to be legal, what products to choose and how to recognize them, and of course what is the difference between products for therapeutic and recreational use and how the Italian law works to mark this difference.

Marijuana Light in Italy: the regulations

Which cannabis is legal in Italy and which is not?

To answer this question, we refer to the relevant legislation and an interesting ruling of the Supreme Court.

Regarding the legislation, let us recall how Law No. 242 of December 2, 2016 defined all the stakes for the cultivation of hemp and its derivative products. These, in fact, have also been included in a particular catalog to refer to in order to understand whether a product is legal or not, to which one can always refer in case of doubt.

In particular, let us remind especially for the benefit of the less experienced that the current regulations state that one can only grow the plant from a seed that has first been certified. In addition, the nurseryman must keep all documentation of purchase of the certified seed for a period of at least one year and in any case as long as that plant available is for sale. In this way, everyone else in the industry all the way to the end customer is able to understand where that plant came from and thus obtain full traceability.

Importation, on the other hand, is not allowed unless the plants comply with both Italian and European regulations, and therefore always have all the documents related to their provenance.

According to the law, hemp seeds can also be used to make foods such as: oil, herbal teas, bread, pasta, cookies, candies and more. The fibers, on the other hand, can be used in clothing, green building and other sectoral applications.

In addition, the legislation defines as safe any product that, having a THC of less than 0.6 percent, has no psychotropic effect, that is, does not create hallucinations or other dangerous health effects.

Turning instead to jurisprudential opinions, the Supreme Court just in July this year was asked to answer whether or not these products are legal, and which products can be considered safe.

On July 30, 2019, the Supreme Court stated that most hemp-derived products are not legal, but products for green building, cosmetics, or clothing can be considered safe because they comply with the regulations of the different sectors. On the other hand, with regard to oils, inflorescences and foods, it is crucial to check the THC level.

If the level of THC complies with current regulations (i.e., with a content of less than 0.6 percent), then there are no problems of lawfulness, as the dangerous character related to the negative effects of these substances (hallucinogenic, psychotropic, etc.) is eliminated.

In addition, those in the industry face constant monitoring by law enforcement agencies. Besides that, hemp can be grown ornamentally and can be used with a THC percentage of 8% in the pharmaceutical field to produce those medicines, which are administered to treat particular degenerative diseases. Personal use of products with a high THC is always illegal.


Marijuana Light : how to recognize it

Let us now come to an understanding of how to effectively and quickly recognize Marijuana Light: an especially important awareness and caution in order to realize and make sure that the product does not have a “real drugging effect.

As can be guessed, the first thing to check in order to recognize a safe product is to understand how to use it or, rather, how it should be used according to the directions on the packaging. Generally speaking, legal cannabis in Italy is used to produce:

  • Foods
  • Perfumes
  • Clothing
  • Home essences
  • Beverages

This means that the substance is never directly inhaled and always has a very low THC.

In addition, these products are among the main references for everyday use: they can be purchased as an inflorescence, in liquid state, or in the form of processed tissue. In addition to this, Marijuana Light has a distinctive scent and aroma resulting from the presence of terpenes, or the resins and essential oils contained by the cultivar.

If you buy a scent derived from hemp, you will therefore be able to appreciate the floral, citrus and fruity aroma typical of the plant.

Let us also add that on contact with the air the scent will gradually become less intense, and plants that have no scent at all or that smell like “hay” are usually considered to be of poor quality.

Color is also a good indicator of quality Marijuana Light. Usually, the inflorescences should be green in color, or a combination of green and purple. If, on the other hand, the color is brown, yellow, or red… it is not the case to learn more about such a plant.

Additionally, remember how on the surface of the flower there are trichomes, which are white crystals that can be viewed with a magnifying glass. The more trichomes there are, the safer the substance is to be considered, because the task of these elements will be to reduce the level of THC in the plant and to manage the resin.

To the touch, the plant should be neither dry nor moist. If it is dry, it will tend to turn to dust and thus be more dangerous to health. If, on the other hand, the flower is too moist, it may bear mold. The stem of the inflorescences should not be viewed and should have no seeds, branches or leaves.

Therefore, if you are choosing a derivative and not an inflorescence, check the origin of the product and whether there are transparent and clear indications. Of course, also check that the store is based in Italy and has a regular Italian VAT number. This will mean that it is a recognized company and is duly registered with the Chamber of Commerce, so it is subject to frequent inspections.


Legal cannabis: difference between therapeutic and recreational use

A mention is then due about the difference between therapeutic and recreational use of cannabis, which closely resembles the distinction between legal and illegal cannabis.


Therapeutic cannabis is in fact that which is needed as a useful element and raw material to create drugs. Thus, medical supervision is constant throughout the production process, and the presence of this substance is clearly indicated on the product’s packaging and package insert. In addition, these products are strictly controlled by AIFA, the Agency for Drugs, and for these reasons, they are not sold freely on the market, but only upon presentation of a specialist doctor’s prescription. Of course, it will be necessary to go to facilities run by the territorial ASLs to make the withdrawal.


Recreational cannabis, on the other hand, is dangerous to health if it exceeds the legal limits. With the term recreational, in fact, one goes to classify those products that are used “for fun,” and therefore present themselves as substances that offer the “easy high.”

They classify as legal cannabis all those products that are finally not for medical use, and for which therefore no prescription is required. They are not, however, for recreational use since they do not cause any effect, and are therefore to be considered fully safe for health. Products that fall under legal cannabis in Italy include room or personal perfumers, oils, inflorescences, and garments. Their main task is to allow users to benefit from all the relaxing properties of hemp without … being afraid of negative effects!


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