Beginners guide to betting on football


Sports betting is among the most popular form of betting in recent years. The industry has grown to allow punters to place bets on several options. Many bookers are now offering very special deals to punters and odds that are very competitive as well. In sports betting, there are huge numbers of matches and that can only mean that thousands of punters gamble on a huge number of different outcomes. If you are new to sports betting, there is a likelihood for you to be confused. To cut out the confusion here is a simple guide for all beginners

How sports betting works

To cut out the confusion that any Online football betting beginner might have, it is very important that you learn how sports betting works. In sports betting, different teams have different odds. The odds are simply a determinant of how a sports event is going to happen. It also gives direction on the potential winnings. The odds are always provided by the bookmarkers and you are to decide the market that you are going to bet on. The odds are shown in fractions but sometimes they can also be shown in decimals. It is always upon the punter to decide which one to use. 

Thousands of football matches are always available for betting every week. Bookmarkers will always provide the odds on the most probable outcome of the event. As a punter, you can choose from the number of cards, the corners, the individual goal scorers, and many other probabilities. Once the outcome of a sports event is confirmed and your bet is aligned to it, you will be declared a winner.

Types of bets

Before you get started with betting as a beginner, it will be wise of you to know the different types of betting. Here are some of the types of football betting

  • Match bets

Match bets are the first type of bet that you should know of. A Match bet is also known to be the simplest form of sports betting. In this kind of betting, you simply choose what the results of the match will be. You can choose to bet on the home team, it can be the away team, or choose the draw option.

  • Half time/ full time

This is also another type of bet to choose from and one that is also very common these days. In this type of betting, you can choose to bet on the first half of a football match or choose to bet on the second half of a football match. This simply means that your betting time will be reduced to 45minutes. This type of bet is suitable for UFABET football fans who are more advanced.  

Double chance

In sports betting, double chance can never be ignored. In this type of betting, you can bet on two or three different outcomes. The first one is choosing a home team or draw, the second option is choosing an away team or draw and the third option is choosing a home team or away team option.