Ceramic Ball Bearings is also Known as Hybrid Bearings –

Introduction –  

One of the most important things that you should know about bearings is that, ceramic bearings are more costly than the steel bearings. And, these (ceramic ball bearings) are one such kind of bearings that offers reduced friction, including reduced weight and has the possibility to last much longer compared to the old stainless-steel bearings offering in several harsh nature or environment. A complete ceramic ball bearings is something that is mostly used in the environment which is very much hostile for the steel bearings like extreme temperature, or the use with the chemicals or liquids that are corrosive. Think about bearings that are used for marine uses as an example. Another thing, you ought to know is that ceramic bearings provide a very good resistance to salt water, which in turn prolongs the lifespan or longevity of the bearings in ocean environment.

Ceramic Hybrid Bearings –

But a complete ceramic bearing is not suggested especially in places where there are heavy shock loads as there can be a risk of for the cracks to appear in the bearings. In such cases, it is suggested to use the 316 stainless steel bearings, which can be a better option as long as there is low or less load. Another important that you should know is that, ceramic ball bearings are also known as hybrid bearings & is one such kind of component which will easily change the performance of your applications. Hybrid bearings, especially have ceramic i.e., silicon, nitride, si3N4 balls and 52100 bearing steel rings. Selecting a hybrid (HY) angular or radial contact bearings over the traditional steel bearings provides an important advantage of performance.

Advantages of Ceramic Ball Bearings –

Some of the important benefits of ceramic ball bearings are that, it has improved rigidity, precision, accuracy. There is a less operational vibration in the ceramic bearings. It increases 40% lifespan of the application in which it is used. It also has a higher speed and rolling friction which is low. And, these are some of its pivotal benefits. Now, lets look at what is ceramic hybrid bearings. A hybrid ceramic bearing consists of a ball material which is made of ceramic, 52100 bearing steel rings, Si3N4i.e. silicon nitride. This kind of precision bearing is a super choice for machines that are advanced and which requires absolute precision.  Also, you should read further to find out the several benefits of ceramic ball bearings over the steel balls bearings.

Ceramic Bearings Compared to Steel Bearings –

The most important point that you need to keep in your mind is that a ceramic bearing is a light material compared to that of steel, therefore the operating temperatures are lessened. You can also get a high speed with same size steel ball bearings. Also, compared to the steel, contamination causes fewer damage to the bearing due to its hard ceramic material. There are several reasons as to why you should choose ceramic hybrid bearings. The first and the foremost reason is longer service life. Hybrid precision bearings are the ones that enhances the lifespan of your application by up to 40% compared to the conventional steel bearings.

Ceramic Hybrid Bearings Enhances the Lifespan – How Is It Possible –

The first and the foremost is low surface adhesive water. The lower connection to the steel, lessens the adhesive water, that is caused due to the cold-welding effect on the irregularities in the ball surface and raceway. Next, reason is abrasive wear out. If you use a steel ball bearing then the contaminants and particles from the process of running gets into the surface. With each revolution of the ball, the foreign particles damage the motion. But in a ceramic ball bearing which is very hard, there is a less impact. Longer grease service life, high speed, low rolling friction, low sliding friction between the raceway and the ball, averting the ball skidding, low-cost lubrication, high rigidity, enhanced machining accuracy are some of the reasons for the same.