Developing Defensive Driving Skills

Are you planning to apply for a Class 3 driving license? Do you have a passion for driving heavy vehicles? If so, you must enroll for a Class 3 driving course, which will provide you with the skills and knowledge that are essential for operating a heavy vehicle. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Class 3 driving course, its requirements, and benefits.

1. What is a Class 3 Driving Course?

A Class 3 driving course is a training program designed to equip the trainee with the knowledge and skills necessary for operating a heavy vehicle with a gross weight of more than 5000kg, such as a truck, a lorry, or a bus. The course provides training in driving theory, practical driving, and safety regulations.

2. Requirements for Enrolling in a Class 3 Driving Course

To enroll for a Class 3 driving course, you must meet the following prerequisites:

● Be at least 21 years of age

● Hold a Class 3 driving license for a minimum of 2 years

● Possess a valid Class 3 driving license and pass the eyesight test

● Pass a medical examination that certifies you are in good health

● Attend a Traffic Police-approved driving school

3. Benefits of Enrolling in a Class 3 Driving Course

Enrolling in a Class 3 driving course has several benefits, such as:

● Better employability: Many companies require their drivers to possess a Class 3 driving license. Completing a course can significantly enhance your employment opportunities in the logistics, transportation, and construction sectors.

● Improved driving skills: The course teaches you advanced driving techniques, such as handling heavy vehicles, navigating tricky terrain, and backing up a vehicle.

● Reduced risk of accidents: The course also focuses on safety regulations, such as ensuring proper vehicle maintenance, following traffic rules, and driving defensively. This will minimize the risks of accidents, which can otherwise result in severe injuries or fatalities.

4. What to Expect from a Class 3 Driving Course

A Class 3 driving course is typically divided into two main parts: driving theory and practical driving.

● Driving theory: In this section, you will learn about road safety, traffic rules, vehicle maintenance, and basic driving skills. You must pass both a theory and a practical test to complete the course.

● Practical driving: This part of the course focuses on honing your driving skills behind the wheel. You will learn to operate a heavy vehicle under different terrains, weather conditions, and traffic scenarios.

5. Cost and Duration of a Class 3 Driving Course

The cost and duration of a Class 3 driving course may vary depending on the driving school, but on average, it takes at least five days to complete the course. The cost can range from SGD 700 to SGD 1500, depending on the school, location, and course duration. This cost includes all registration, test, and examination fees.

Taking a Class 3 driving course can benefit your career, improve your driving skills and safety, and offer you a chance to drive large commercial vehicles confidently. Ensure you fulfill all the enrollment criteria before applying to a Traffic Police-approved driving school that suits your schedule and budget. Get ready to embark on the journey to become a professional heavy vehicle driver!