Do air scrubbers work?

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Opening the windows to let in a fresh breeze seems like the perfect way to cleanse your home’s stagnant air. When toxic mold spores and other microscopic particles have already invaded, passive airing out just won’t cut it. Actively scrubbing the air with specialized equipment provides the only way to truly remove indoor pollutants. Mold spores measure just 2 to 10 micrometers wide far too tiny to pick up through sight or smell. These miniscule invaders float everywhere undetected, slowly accumulating to hazardous levels. Even diligent cleaning leaves these particles behind to soon multiply again. All the scrubbing, vacuuming, and sprays cannot solve an underlying contamination issue. Without active air purification, your indoor space likely hosts a swirling mix of.

  • Mold and bacteria – Invisible mold colonies shed spores that spark allergy symptoms and long-term lung inflammation. Bacteria spreads illness-causing germs.
  • Dust mites – Microscopic spider-like pests thrive on dead skin cells and fabric fibers. Their widespread feces and decaying bodies irritate allergies.
  • Pet dander – Furry friends spread allergy-triggering flakes of dead skin and fur that coat all indoor surfaces.
  • Smoke residues – Toxins from burnt materials stick around long after ashy odors fade away. The film stains walls and fabrics while emitting volatile compounds.
  • VOC off-gassing – Building materials, paints, cleaners, and more give off vaporous chemical mixtures that lower air quality and health.

Without a closer examination, this hovering brew of contaminants goes easily unnoticed until major visible mold growths appear. Actively cleaning the air provides the only reliable protection.

How does air scrubbing safely eradicate contaminants? 

Portable air scrubbing machines utilize specialized filtration utilizing specialized filters, capture particles down to 0.3 microns, and discharge refreshed purified air. This constant cycling actively eliminates contaminants instead of just diluting or masking them. Strategically positioned around an affected area, air scrubbers actively collect contamination directly at the source before it spreads elsewhere. The scrubbed air gets recirculated back out, preventing any new contamination from accumulating again. Run times determine the cycles needed for complete air filtration.

Air scrubbing outperforms HVAC filters

Upgrading central air filters provides another limited solution, capturing only a fraction of the microscopic particles circulating unchecked through home ductwork. Unlike HVAC filters confined to fixed vents, portable air scrubbers can go anywhere to eliminate contamination at the core. A high-powered collection paired with complete surrounding air access proves the game changer. 

Effective air scrubbing setups

One or more commercial-grade air scrubber units positioned properly assure optimal restoration results. Below are key considerations for access and containment.

  • Open surrounding airflow – Avoid tightly confined spaces or obstructions limiting intake reach.
  • Seal off affected areas – Close all windows and interior/exterior doors for full air circulation control.¬†
  • Sufficient unit capacities – Choose adequate collection power levels based on room dimensions and contamination extent.
  • Thorough runtimes – Operate units long enough to actively filter all contained air numerous times over.
  • Post-remediation verification – Follow up with air quality or surface testing after treatment is completed to confirm safe spore levels.

Protect your family by preventing the unseen buildup of health-threatening particles in the first place. Rent commercial-grade air scrubbing systems through damagecontrol to improve indoor air quality. Breathe cleaner today.