Five Places To Visit In Kyoto

Kyoto Katsura Imperial Villa - Kyoto - Japan TravelKyoto is a tourist haven. Can you visit all the tourist attractions on a single visit? It is not possible. Therefore, you need a calendar of places to visit before you leave the city. There are important monuments that will show you the other side of life. We shall be taking a look at few of the select monuments that will make your day on any tourist visit to Kyoto. The best results in any free walking tour of the city will be achieved if select areas are visited in order of importance. Here are our takeaways.

At Arashiyama a Bamboo Forest

The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is a place of international interest that you must see in your lifetime. How about feeding wild monkeys without fear of attack? There are loads of interesting points in this grove. We advise that you visit this monument early in the morning. Devote half a day to a visit here. There are lots of stops in the downtown area because there are loads of temples and shrines around. Cafes and restaurants are also around in great numbers.

Tea Ceremony in Kyoto

The findings of Time Magazine, CNN Travel, and Lonely Planet have it that the traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto is an experience of note. You can take the experience to another level by renting out a kimono for the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony caters to several sets of people. This tea ceremony is always a good idea for those who are on their honeymoon.Maikoya staff may have a surprise for couples that are on honeymoon.

TheSamurai and Ninja Museum

The experience that you will get from the Samurai & Ninja Museum is what an experience is. Students of history must visit this enclave; you will get hourly lectures on the history behind the city. If you are travelling with your kids, then you must include this place in your itinerary. You can train like a ninja or samurai here. You can watch a samurai sword show and even try on costumes.

 Fushimi Inari Shrine

This is a spot you must visit while you are on the Kyoto Walking Tour. This is the most visited spot in Japan. Here we have the 10,000-gates Fushimi Inari Shrine. The place is best suited for hiking and offers an opportunity to see a hidden bamboo forest. The altitude is high here. There are pockets of cafes, tea shops, and noodle shops along the path. There are several attractions here besides the 10,000 torii gates.


 The Kinkakuji Temple

Visiting the most popular temple in Japan is not out of place. This is why it is necessary to visit Kinkakuji Temple. The gold-covered structure is an experience of a lifetime. Make sure you arrive at the temple a few minutes before it is open to the public in order to gain a vintage position inside. The Golden Pavilion is outside the city. All you have to do around this temple is take a leisurely walk around it.

The five places above are a must on any free walking tour of Kyoto.