Get to know about the Fx Pro Review broker

  1. Safety and regulation

Has been registered and regulated by the local financial services authority. Get regulations from CySEC, FCA, FSB, and SCB.

Important Information:

Many traders look for brokers that are regulated by the UK FCA because they have high-quality regulations and standardization. The FCA financial conduct authority is the financial body that oversees and regulates financial service providers and maintains the integrity of the UK financial markets.

FCA regulated broker requirements

  • Guarantee the quality of banks, registered banks where client funds are stored, and continue to monitor the suitability of bank quality with compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Client funds and company accounts must be separated or the term is segregated accounts with separate treatment from company assets.
  • Provide periodic financial reports to FCA
  • Ensuring client funds in the financial service compensation scheme (FSCS)

It can be concluded, of course, that FX pro has no doubt about its credibility and quality.

  1. Partnering with several major banking institutions to store client funds such as Barclays, Julius Baer, ​​RBS, City Bank, and Royal Bank of Scotland
  2. Separate funds between client and company. Your funds will not be used by the company for any reason. Its financial statements will also be monitored by PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), a multinational professional services network.
  3. Low Spreads
  4. Ultra-low latency data center colocation technology, the average execution is less than 11.06 milliseconds in 1 second, more than 7,000 transactions are executed. Definitely, no requests.
  5. Investor protection by the financial service compensation scheme (FSCS) and the investor compensation fund (ICF) can claim funds if a problem occurs.
  6. Many trading instruments are available such as forex, metals, futures, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies
  7. There are 4 types of accounts

FXpro MT4, FXpro mt5, Fxpro c-Trader, and FXpro Edge

Each provides a minimum deposit of $1000 with a leverage of 1:500, floating spreads from 0.3 to 1.4 pips.

  1. Payment methods: local bank transfer, bank transfer, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, UnionPay, Paypal, and skrill.
  2. Have a swallow FX pro

Explanation of some of the points above, it can be concluded that the Fx Pro review broker has advantages and disadvantages.


Transparent and clear regulation is an important point for traders. Fast no-requote transactions will provide a flexible trading experience, to use any technique including trading news, it can be executed instantly. Investor fund guarantees make members feel calm about the security of deposited funds. Deposits for Indonesian countries that are under the auspices of the FX pro-global market LTD company can use local banks.


A minimum deposit that is still not friendly to small investor traders.

In conclusion, it is highly recommended for traders who plan to deposit large funds. Because there is a guarantee of security. But for a dime, it seems that you have to give up your intention first. Collect the profit little by little so that it reaches $ 1000, then you can feel the sensation of using an FXpro.

Copy Trading Forex Brokers

As a form of social trading that brings together the needs of Signal Providers and Followers, copy trading is undeniably capable of being an attractive solution for each party. A Signal Provider benefits from the Follower’s capital allocation, while the Follower does not need to execute trades manually. As a potential copy trading user, you are free to determine for yourself whether you will become a Provider or a Follower. But before considering this option, of course, you need to know where to register for copy trading.

Through an investment platform titled SuperTrader, FxPro broker provides copy trading facilities, complete with a fund allocation system from Investor to Leader (Provider). Here, investors are given the freedom to create a portfolio of strategies, adjust their own risk or profit preferences, and decide how much capital they want to allocate to each strategy. To open a SuperTrader account, either as an Investor or Leader, FxPro clients can submit a registration request in the Member Area. Meanwhile, to invest, a minimum of 2,000 USD is required. Clients can also open more than one account with different currency types, as Fxpro allows the use of USD, EUR, and GBP base currencies in SuperTrader accounts.