Gifts: Their Quality, Their Class.

There are many kinds of gifts at, and the choice in each case is critical. For example, it is not in good taste to buy objects of practical use from people outside our family. On the other hand, practical gifts are a great fit for family attention. If you buy your brother a pair of scarves or a belt, he will love it.

Among friends, the finest gifts are flowers, books, chocolates. sometimes give us a gift with the best intention in the world, but they do not hit our taste, or they disappoint us because we expected something else. The person who shows his displeasure shows very little education.

Don’t Be Light.

Also, avoid being light when promising. Many people offer in advance; but later, they forget their words and promises when push comes to shove. Do not promise what you do not think to fulfill because we have no obligation to give, but we respond to our words.

The Discretion. Giving Away, Complex Matter.

We have to get used to being delicate and straightforward in all the acts of our lives because a woman without delicacy does not have femininity, and we must be women above all else. Discretion is tact and delicacy combined to hit and not hurt.

“Anyone who believes that giving is an easy thing is wrong; this matter has great difficulty if it is given with discernment and is not wasted at random and rapturously. I leave the latter obliged, and I return the former; I help him, I pity him; to the one, worthy of not being overcome by poverty or having it dominated. To some, I will not give, even if they lack it, because even if I had given them, they would lack; to some, I will offer, to others I will even urge. Negligent in this matter, I never make better investments than when I give. Well, what do you say, do you give to receive? No, not to lose. “(Seneca: “On happiness”, from the chapter “The art of giving”).