Health benefits of Playing Cricket that blow your mind

Cricket is a game that runs in the blood of our country. This is a game we grow up playing on the streets. There is nothing that we Indians are experts on whether it is giving our expert advice on the cricket selections or offering free cricket betting tips on the fantasy apps recently. Nothing seems to get the nation going like a good game of cricket. It could be safe to say that cricket is an addiction here in India and you can often find people playing cricket in the streets and even on the beaches. You can go to the deepest of villages and remotest of locations in the country and you will find cricket being played and followed. So, the addiction keeps getting engrained into our veins and gets passed on from generations to generations as DNA. But is this addiction healthy? While other addictions can be injurious to health, this is one addiction which can actually help you maintain your physical and mental health. Let us have a look. 

  1. Great Workout 

A good game of cricket involves a lot of cardio whether it is as a bowler running in to bowl and exerting energy in the delivery stride or running between the wickets while batting. There is enough work in the field too with the bigger bats these days and the running all over the place. This is where you can really burn a lot of calories on the field. 

  1. A game of chess 

Wait, we know we are talking about cricket but the game of cricket is all about outsmarting each other. The game keeps getting interesting towards the end overs and if you are playing a shorter format of the game, we can see a lot of running around the field and diving around the field. We have also seen players keeping fit in any case because the demands of the game have increased like anything. So, there is an event every ball. We have seen players like Harshal Patel and Washington Sundar become very successful in this this format of the game despite them being the most naturally gifted as players. This is where the mind gets a good workout too. 

  1. Strength Training. 

These days the game is become all about power hitting and you do not clear the boundaries unless you have the muscles to back your shots. It is when you have the strength in your arms that you absolutely dominate the bowling all around you. This is why you really need to work on your muscles and have to be regular in the gym if nothing else. Strength also depends a lot on the diet that we take in and cricketers in order to play better have to take in a lot of protein in their diet. That is good not just for their body but their health overall. 

  1. Stamina 

Playing cricket is always good for increasing your stamina. We run really hard when we play cricket and keep at it without actually worrying about the kilometers that we have covered. This is what happens while playing cricket as you are mentally in the game and not interested in covering distances. Cricket offers you a chance to burn those extra calories that you have taken in while eating. 

  1. Comradery

Cricket generates a positive feeling of playing together and against each other yet maintaining sportsmanship. There is nothing that can get your serotonin flowing like a good game of cricket and that is perhaps the biggest benefit of the game.