How To Create Engaging Content For Your Instagram Follower

How to gain Instagram followersis one of the questions that many account holders have. One of the key factors of maintaining the number of Instagram followers and also grow their number is by engaging them with your high-quality content.

The most important question that we often face is how to create engaging content that is also superior in quality. To resolve this query, we bring to you a guide of the best content creation that will also be beneficial for the growth of Instagram followers

1) Use templates– Whether you want to share your favourite recipes, or share an offer on a product or share the details of your new blog, it is recommended to use the templates for the same. They aid in creating an attractive visual for your Instagram followers.  Nowadays, various tools are available that you can utilize to create appealing templates. You can either chose to go with patterned, plain or high-resolution images.

2) Use high-quality stock images- You can also mix and match various stock images to create a varied and interesting feed. However, one of the point to remember while picking stock images is that you pick up the one with good quality and high resolution as the stock images are a mixture of beautiful as well as terrible pictures. Some platforms offer cheap and even free images to their customers. The recommended resolution for Instagram posts is 1080 p X 1080 p.

3) Play with different formats-  One of the other tricks that can help you to engage your Instagram followers with your content is to mix with different formats. Instagram allows its user’s different formats to create high-quality content such as carousel posts, photo album, 60 seconds videos, GIFs stories and many more. Try to offer variation in your content so that your accounts look balanced and interesting.

4) Repost- Sometimes, due to any emergency or any other personal reasons, you may not be able to create content for your Instagram followers. In such a scenario, you don’t need to worry as Instagram also allows you to repost content from any other account. Many Instagram account creates very engaging content, which you can repost to keep your followers interested. However, before you do the same, you should take the permission from the respective account and also give them the credit for the same.

5) UGC Campaign- UGC stands for user-generated content. You can also ask your Instagram followers to create content on a particular topic and you can post it on your feed. You can also run a campaign or competition in which you can offer free giveaways or shoutout to the winning account.

These are some of the tricks that you can use to provide your Instagram followers with high-quality content that will help you to increase your numbers of followers and Instagram account growth.

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