How To Create Engaging Digital Media Content With Bret Talley


The millennial generation is one of the most socially active demographics, and they expect brands to match their level of engagement  and the way to do that is through digital media content. 

A lot can be done with the right tools, but you need to know how to use them first. In this post I’m going to outline principles for creating engaging content.

Make It Relevant

When you’re creating digital media content with Bret Talley, it’s important to make sure that your message is relevant to the audience.

That means you need to understand who is consuming your content and what their interests are and you also want to make sure that whatever topic or brand message you’re trying to convey will resonate with the people who see it. 

If there isn’t a connection between the information being presented and how it relates directly back into their lives, then chances are good that someone won’t bother reading through everything all the way until the end or worse yet: they may not even bother viewing any of it at all.

Make It Understandable

  • Use simple language
  • Plain English is the way to go when it comes to digital media, and you should strive for clarity in all of your content.
  • Avoid jargon and overly complicated wording, as this will only confuse your audience and if you’re not sure whether a word or phrase is too complex, try replacing it with something simpler and if that doesn’t work, get rid of it altogether
  • Write short sentences

Another way to make sure that people understand what you’re saying perse by Bret Talley is by keeping sentences short and sweet but not so sweet that they become sickly. This keeps things from getting boring quickly, which can happen when there are lots of long-winded sentences crammed into one paragraph or even just one sentence.

Just imagine if all those words were put together into one big monster sentence instead and that would be pretty scary wouldn’t it? Don’t let this happen by making sure each sentence has no more than 20 words; otherwise it might scare away readers before they’ve even finished reading through all those paragraphs.

Make It Interactive

When creating interactive digital media content, make sure to consider the following:

  • Make it interactive. Use quizzes, polls, and other interactive features to engage your audience. You can also ask them questions in the comments section of your blog post or video. This will help you find out what they want and how they feel about certain topics
  • Make it easy for them to share and track responses by including buttons that allow readers/viewers/listeners of the content an opportunity to interact with each other on social media platforms while still being able to see what others have said and vice versa
  • Ensure relevance by considering how relevant an interactive feature would be in relation with its topic at hand

For example if someone is reading a blog post about dogs then putting up something about cats may not make sense; likewise if it’s about cars then asking them trivia questions about animals won’t work either.

If possible try avoiding clickbait titles because this could lead people away from actually reading through everything before sharing their thoughts on social media platforms where there might be more interesting stories waiting around every corner than just five things I learned today.