How To Double up The Profit With A 24 hour coffee shop

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In the hotel industry, service matters the most. If you own a coffee shop, then your focus should always be on adding features that will enhance the customer experience. If you work through the standard business hours, then the shop will return much less revenue than what you can earn from switching to a 24 hour coffee shop [ร้าน กาแฟ 24 ชั่วโมง, which is the term in Thai]. The coffee shop is the place where people need to discuss business prospects, work-family, and more. If you keep the shop open for 24 hours, you will get the maximum number of clients.

Client acquisition is easier

While normal coffee shops often run on loss due to low footfall, the coffee shop that remains open 24 hours will always draw more people. Does that imply you are serving the best coffee in town? Maybe not. But you are at least serving people whose work shifts may not permit them to relax at the coffee shops at the standard hours. Naturally, word will spread in the town that there is this shop that will cater to your midnight cravings too, and you can hang out with friends early in the morning or even after a late-night party.

Monitor the service quality

The moment a customer walks into a coffee shop, the person demands service. From meeting and greet to asking the orders and serving the coffee, every step is an art, and you have to build a good team of artists to acter to the customers’ needs. Customization should always be in mind as sometimes, customers like to have some customized coffee or food owing to health reasons or something else. People also come here to celebrate special days like a birthday or an anniversary. So keep arrangements to provide for such special occasions too.