How To Draw Psychedelic Art: Tips For Creating A Trippy Drawing

Exploring the world of psychedelia through art can lead to some gorgeous, trippy creations. Psychedelic art is usually known for being very colorful and also very vivid. It often explores themes like nature, spirituality, and human consciousness.


There are many ways to create psychedelic art, but there are a few common techniques that you can use to make your drawings stand out and give them that trippy look. Here are 5 tips for creating trippy drawings that will make you feel like a pro.


Keep It Simple


To create a psychedelic drawing, you don’t need to make it complicated. You can start by sketching out your subject matter with simple line art. You can then add color, shading, and textures for the finishing touches. For example, if you want to draw an apple in a bowl of cereal, you can use the same technique for either image.


Experiment With Colors


The most distinctive aspect of a Trippy Drawing is the bright and vibrant colors. Psychedelic art typically uses a lot of bright and vibrant colors that are often combined to create a deep contrast.


For example, you could paint an object using one color, then add another color to the background. This will create a nice visual effect where your object pops out more. You can also experiment with different shades of the same color by adding different amounts of white or black to it.


Use Trippy Patterns To Get The Feel Of Psychedelia


The patterns in psychedelic art can be very intricate and detailed, or they can be less complicated. The designs you choose will depend on the desired effect of your artwork. You can create a simple pattern by using only solid colors or you can use many different colors to create a more complex pattern.


One popular design that is often used for psychedelic art is the mandala. Mandala designs are based on the Hindu and Buddhist concept of life – it represents the universe, symbolizing man’s connection to God. Mandala drawings are circular, symmetrical patterns that often use concentric circles with radiating lines crossing them at various angles.


Add Psychedelic Shapes And Lines


Psychedelic art is all about exploring the world of color and shapes. One way you can do this is by adding psychedelic shapes and lines to your drawings. These shapes will incorporate vibrant colors to make the drawing feel more trippy. You can also play with proportions, for example, making a line that’s twice as long as another line next to it.


Tips For Drawing Faces


The human face is a complex and interesting subject to draw. It can be challenging to capture all the nuances of the many different expressions that people might have, but it’s a skill worth cultivating.


One great way to give your drawings more expression is by using detailed line work. If you’re drawing a portrait of someone, or just want a really expressive face, try using thicker lines for their eyebrows and lips. For example, if you’re drawing someone happy, use thick lines for their eyebrows and mouth. This will make it easier for them to show emotion in their face.