How To Get On With 1911 Holsters?

Got a new job that requires you to carry a gun to work every day?  Got a job in the police and have got a new pistol for work? It is more daunting than exciting because the pistol will be registered in your name and if anything goes wrong or say the pistol lands up with the wrong person, then it’s on you. To avoid such uncomfortable and unfortunate situations which could leave you in the mud, it is always advised to keep your pistol closer to you. This is why people who have to take their pistol to work every day prefer wearing shoulder harnesses and connect their pistol holsters to the harness. In this article, we are going to talk about how to carry 1911 holsters with style without compromising the security and concealment of the pistol.

Two things to remember when shopping for 1911 holsters on the internet

When you are looking for 1911 holsters on the internet, always consider a couple of factors before you head down to the payment area and put your card details. These factors include the quality of the shoulder harness and holsters you are purchasing and whether or not the harness have belt hooks.

The quality of the harness will ensure the product lasts long and doesn’t wear out after a couple of uses or after an action-filled day at work. While belt hooks on the harness ensure the holster is not falling off from the designated position while walking around or running.

The key is to look for adjustable 1911 holsters

When you are purchasing a pair of the leather shoulder harness and 1911 holsters off the internet, make sure to read the features. You need to look for whether the shoulder harness and holster have adjustable features in them. This will allow you to adjust the pistol holster across your back according to your requirement and comfort. Do not fall for the one size fits all tricks. They do not fit anyone correctly and it will just prove to be a water of investment after a couple of days. You do not want the holster to be too high so that it doesn’t hit you on the armpit or make you uncomfortable throughout the day. On the other hand, if the holster is placed too below, then it will be below your line of control and the chances of the pistol falling off the holster are pretty high.

How to dress up with 1911 holsters?

Do not consider dressing up with 1911 holsters a child’s play. You need to be careful of what you wear when you are deciding to carry a holster to work. Most people prefer wearing a buttoned-up shirt that is not fitted so that there is enough room for the individual to breathe. The shoulder harness is going to stay fit on your shoulder and back, so you do not want to wear a tight-fitted formal shirt and restrict your movement.