How To Get The Best Jersey Design

A jersey is the physical identity of a particular team. It is not only how the spectators recognize you on the ground, but it is the basis of your recognition off the field. The fans worship the jerseys, collect them and wear them to show their support! Hence, there is no doubt the fact that the design of the jersey speaks volumes about the ideology of the team, the players, their thought processes, and whatnot. 

When a piece of clothing exercises such a great influence on your game and your overall popularity, it becomes crucial to choose the design jersey wisely. Here are some tips that will help you to choose a good jersey for your team.  

1. Simplicity Is The Key

 There may have been many times when the teams have come up with artistic, complex, futuristic jerseys, but it is mostly a risk. When choosing a design, try to keep it as simple as possible. Using a complex jersey design (desain jersey, which is term in Indonesian) deviates the attention from the jersey parts that need to be highlighted- the name of the team, logo, slogan, motto, etc.  

2. Try Not To Mix Many Colours

 You don’t want to bear the color of every team that you are opposing against. Using too many colors may sound fun and aesthetic, but in reality, it may create chaos. Stick to one basic color, and if you want, you can add one, or at the most, two colors to compliment the base. Try to avoid going beyond mixing two colors to the base. 

3. Have One Feature That Stands Out

Your jersey design must have one distinct feature that makes it stand out from any normal piece of clothing. The designer must keep in mind to incorporate the distinct feature without actually disrupting its simplicity. A lot of teams like to display their heritage on the jersey as a symbol or an emblem. 

4. Don’t Introduce A Major Change

Every fan recognizes their favorite team with its jersey and has many emotions associated with it. If you completely change the jersey, it may come as a shock, and the fans may not receive it well.  

Ultimately, the jersey must be such that it serves the right purpose- that is, bring the teammates closer to one another and closer to their fans. It should be such that it sparks the feeling of togetherness, energy, and a desire to win!