How to stay focused while studying?

Students study the whole academic year and finally face the examination and then move on to the next year. The studying process goes on year by year. The study habits are changed every year. Some students show improvement in academics but some tend to decrease their focus in studies. We all know that achieving top grades is simpler but maintaining that top grade for years together is difficult. One has to inculcate few study habits and stay focused throughout his career to score higher marks. In this article, we will know the ways to stay focused while studying.

Plan out your schedule

Planning out the things earlier makes the routine easier. One has to know which subject he is going to study and the chapters that are to be covered for the day. The plan should be made in such a way that it must be accomplished within the allotted time frame. One must not line up several tasks at one particular time. For instance, if you have allotted one hour to solve a biology question then you must note that you finish the task during the specified time. Planning out the schedule helps in time management and also reduces stress. 

Train the brain

Brain training games help in relaxing the mind and also it can be a short break for the tasks that are piled up for the whole day. It helps in improving short-term memory, and skills like processing and problem-solving skills. Few brain training games are sudoku, crossword puzzles, Pictionary etc. When you are solving science questions for a long time, then playing these games in between would relax your mind and you feel refreshed. 

Relaxed study place

The place where you study aids in staying focused. The study place must consist of limited and essential study materials like books and writing materials. The study place must be away from distractions like laptop, mobiles and other electronic gadgets. A clean space makes a door for a clear mind and this helps in concentrating on studies. 

Take regular breaks

Studying repeatedly with a short break in between shows that productivity increases. Breaking down the longer schedule into manageable chunks helps to remain focused and keeps the mind engaged on the subject at hand. One can take a break after every 45 minutes to one hour of study to feel relaxed. The break can be 5-10 minutes. During this break one can have some fresh air, stretching the body, and having a glass of water.

Reward yourself

One needs appreciation and reward after achieving something. Students can reward themselves by completing a few targets like completing a sample paper, completing a subject, and so on. One can reward by honouring the accomplishments and treating something like an extra fifteen minutes of a break, watching a movie. This helps in attaining more goals and enjoying the rewards. Time is the most expensive asset. Planning well and studying better will definitely lead to a good path and results. The wasted time never comes back. Hence one has to utilise the time efficiently and avoid the wastage of time. The importance of time management must be realised and learnt at the early stage itself. Time management brings up the seriousness and helps to work in an effective manner. 

Focusing and studying is not the only key to score higher marks. One must understand and read the concepts thoroughly. Proper schedule, time management, relaxed mind and body also contribute to studies to stay focused.