How To Take Care Of A Watch, So It Lasts Longer?

Whether classic, minimalist, or sporty, watches are indispensable accessories in everyone’s closet! No wonder: in addition to showing the time, these items are beyond charming and complement any production with style. That said, many people would like to know how to take care of a watch to last much, much longer.

Nowadays, it is common to buy a part as a way of investment. Even more when a renowned and famous brand manufactures this item in the market, right? But even expensive and designer products can suffer some damage if we neglect to use them.

Tips For Watches With 5 ATM Or More

If you want to know how to take care of one of these watches like rolex deep sea, you better check out this tip. When you buy a new accessory, it often comes with instructions telling you whether or not the product is water-resistant. This is the case for the atmospheric pressure unit (ATM) or meters (M) (1 ATM = 10 m).

To find out if the piece can come into contact with water, check, at the bottom, if there is the information “Water Resistant.” The absence of this term means that the piece is not water-resistant — and that even goes for raindrops. It is essential to know how to care for a watch, even if it is waterproof.

If your watch has 5 ATMs or more, it is possible to use it while swimming or in other water activities, such as hydro gymnastics or swimming. See also some essential rules for these models:

Check carefully if the crown is tight before placing the watch in contact with water, ok?

Do not press any buttons or move the crown while the product is in direct contact with water.

Did you use the accessory at sea or in the pool? Soon after, try to wash it properly under running water. This helps to reduce the harmful impacts of salt or chemically treated water.

Even with the inscription “Water Resistant,” it is recommended to use the watch in contact with water only in exceptional situations. Over time and with continued use, specific components, such as rubber, can dry out, allowing moisture to enter and damage the part entirely.

Does the piece have the glass clouded over? Look for Technical Assistance.