How To Use a Bubbler: The Best Tips From A Pro

How to Use a Bubbler Correctly?

So you’ve decided on the type of Bubbler you want, but how do you go about using it? Is it possible to become an expert in smoking? Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Bubble Tips

Bubble tips are hands-down the best choice for new smokers. They’re small and easily hidden from view. They’re essentially a screw-on on/off a device that creates smoke rings. Other pieces of tubing will work just as well for smoking other materials such as herbs.

The main thing to remember is to always wear safety glasses when working with any type of bubble.

  1. Bubbler Tubes

Bubbler tubes are made up of three types: medium-sized, small, and medium-wide. Medium is by far the best Bubbler for beginners. It’s small enough to conceal easily in your pocket or purse.

How to Choose the Right Type of Bubbler

Choosing the correct bubbler for your requirements is critical, whether you’re on a budget or not. When looking for the greatest bubbler, pricing is generally the first consideration.

While more expensive, they may make all the difference in a day at home or a party. Bubblers come in a range of forms and sizes, so evaluate your needs.

If you’re the sort that has to focus while using it, a single-use bubbler is the best option. If you want something more adaptable, there are still possibilities. The Pocket Bubbler is a good solution for those with little space.

The Different Types of Bubblers

Before we get into the list, let’s first look at the different types of bubblers out there.

Bongs: Smokers love these pipes because they enable them to get high without feeling like they’re smoking. Their smaller diameter makes them simpler to inhale than bongs, so if you struggle to breathe, this may be the option for you.

A bong may also be used to smoke a joint. This is useful if you’re simultaneously smoking and baking. If you want to try it, bring an e-cig with you, since a bong might be awkward to use alone.

Rigs: A rig’s purpose is to blend convenience and performance. Outdoorsy rigs like the light and tiny flavor pipe have an easy carrying handle. Some even have user-friendly designs and may be customized.

Others are elegant and contain LED lighting. These elegant diamonds may be removed to make any space a smoking place.

Vaporizers: This is where the big money is. And by big money, we mean the best vaporizers out there. The best vapors are the ones that come with an advanced dual-chamber heating system. Many models on the market use precisely controlled temperature and pressure to maximize your weed-smoking experience.


Percolators have bright colors and long, thin pipes. They vary in length from 1.5 to 5 feet to suit various forms of smoking. Percolators are significantly more popular online than other bubblers, so we’ve put up a wonderful offer for anybody seeking to buy one up for around $40.

A percolator is described as “the most popular among pipes”. “They’re less expensive than pipes, and come in a variety of attractive designs.” While a percolator saves money, it has a few drawbacks that make it less common than other bubblers.