Indicators that your commercial gas appliances need servicing


Commercial gas appliances undergo a lot of wear and tear from using them. Although the best appliances last long, frequent exposure to heat or high temperatures leads to wear and tear. This means that even the most reliable appliances need maintenance from time to time. Unfortunately, many people do not care about the state of their appliances until a tragedy occurs. It is very important to always maintain appliances from time to time. How will you know that a gas appliance needs to be repaired or maintained? Here are some of the warning signs

The smell of unusual odor or gas

When you can smell gas or any other unusual odor, that is a warning sign that your gas might be leaking. The smell of gas is an obvious indicator that something is very wrong. Any gas leak should be remedied immediately or it can be very dangerous. If you can smell gas, that is a sign of a broken gas line, a faulty igniter, or even a faulty valve. If the smell of gas becomes present when you turn your appliance on, then the ignite is the issue. If the appliance is turned off but you can still smell gas, that is an indicator that the valve is not in good condition. You should call a gas inspection company for gas inspection before the situation gets out of control. 

Faulty igniters or burners

Faulty burners or igniters can also be a sign that your gas appliance needs to be serviced. If there is the smell of gas but you cannot spark flames on your burners, that is also an indicator that your igniter has a problem. In that case, you should try to resist the impulse of lighting the burner with a lighter or a match stick. This can be very tragic especially when you do not have an idea of what might be the problem. When your burner fails to ignite, take a step further and call an expert or an engineer. That way you will not only get your commercial gas appliances inspected but earn a commercial gas certificate London


If you have been hearing weird noises all the time, that might also be a sign that your commercial gas appliance is not working as it should. Noise is an indicator of a very serious problem that needs to be fixed right away. Strange rattling, ticking, or buzzing is always a result of a deteriorating or loose gas component. If you ignore this warning sign, the loose part may come into contact with a heating mechanism and this may cause a fire. 

Unusual flames

If you discover that the flames coming out of your burner or unusual, that is also a sign that the gas appliance might be faulty. A good and well-maintained stove should light with a blue flame. If you discover that the flame is yellow, orange, red, or even yellow, that is a sign that something might be wrong. Call emergency services to check it right away.