Mistakes to avoid while charging your lithium trolling batteries

Do you think that your last battery did not spend the whole life span that you were expecting? There could be a number of possible reasons for this thing, and one of the major reasons is that you did not pay attention to the right way of charging the battery! It is important to charge the battery in the right manner in order to enjoy it for a longer period of time. When you are selecting a Trolling Motor Battery, you must make an informed decision because no one wants a power outage during the trip. The purpose of motor trolling battery is to provide enough supply of power to the boat even when the boat is not moving and charging the battery. For this purpose, you must select a lithium ion battery as compared to the traditional battery options available.

Normally, we have lead acid batteries and AGMs which are not good enough as compared to the new lithium batteries. You must take a good understanding of lithium batteries when you are planning to buy a new battery for your motorboat. In this article, we will highlight the benefits that you enjoy while using a lithium battery in your boat and will also discuss the mistakes which people usually make while charging these batteries. It is important to learn these mistakes in order to charge the batteries correctly and increase the life span of the batteries.

Why use lithium batteries?

There are number of reasons why you must use a lithium battery as compared to using ordinary lead-acid and AGM batteries. Following are the main points which make these batteries superior to the ordinary ones.

  • They are lighter in weight
  • There is no maintenance required
  • These batteries are resistant to harsh weather
  • These batteries stay longer

Mistakes to avoid

You must learn the most common mistakes that people make while charging the lithium ion batteries. After learning these mistakes, you will not repeat the same and will come in a better position where you can use your batteries for a longer period of time.

  • They use wrong charger – It is important to use the right charger with your battery. People sometimes use a charger with wrong amperes and voltages which damages the battery and reduces its life span.
  • They do not discharge it before charging – It is important to let the battery discharge properly before you charge it again. It has a set number of charging cycles, and you should not charge it unless it is 70-80 percent discharged.
  • They do not charge the batter for proper time – Even though the lithium batteries come with fast charging options, you must make sure that you are charging the battery for a proper time. If you are not charging the battery long enough, you will reduce its useful life.
  • They do not charge the battery under good climate conditions – The lithium batteries can sustain harsh weather conditions, but when it comes to charging, you must make sure to charge them under controlled climate environment.