Modded Account GTA: For PC Also

There would not be any teenager or a gamer who does not about the GTA series. For most gamers, GTA was the first step into gaming. For over 2 full decades they have ruled the market. From vice city to san Andreas to GTA V they have evolved gaming, graphics, gameplay, and storyline so much. The fact that GTA V is still very much relevant in today’s date even after almost a decade later from its initial release is tremendous. And it is not only just relevant. But, also it is among the best games in today’s gaming scene.

GTA games are known for their amazing and interactive storyline. And it is not restricted to only that. With a modded account GTA you can have even more fun in the game than you used to have before. Mods add a new interactive touch to the game. You can easily find a trusted and reliable mod source on the internet. The best one among them is easy looting. With easy looting, you can get a cheap modded account GTA for PC. It is a quick and easy process. It does not require you to do anything except registration and payment.

Some of the best mods available on easy looting?

Easy looting has a wide range of mod accounts available for GTA V. Most of the sources only provide you with mods for PS4/5. But if you are a pc gamer and enjoy this game on PC. Then easy looting has mod accounts for you too. Some of the best-modded account GTA you can buy are as follows-

1.Silver- This modded account comes at a very cheap and affordable rate. At only 39.99 USD you can get this mod. In this mod, you will get a Billion GTA Dollars. Your level would be 200. And GTA 5 would be already bought. Not only that but you will also get 100 percent skills. You would not be getting other things like clothing, hairstyles, tattoos, trophies, and awards with this silver modded account.

2.Gold- This account provides the best value for money. At just 49.99 USD you can get 4 Billion GTA Dollars. Your level would be 300 if you buy the gold mod. Everything that was left out with the silver mod is added in the gold mod. Apart from 100 percent skills, you will also get clothing, hairstyles, tattoos, trophies, and awards.

3.Diamond- It is the most elite mod. At just 59.99 USD you can get 10 Billion GTA Dollars. From the start, your level will be 500 and GTA 5 would already be bought. Just like the gold mod. It also comes with 100 percent skills, clothing, hairstyles, tattoos, trophies, and awards.

All these mods come with 100 percent protection from the ban. Easy loot ensures that your account is safe and secure. Buying a mod account from easy loot keeps you safe from account ban which is not ensured by many other sources. Your money would be returned if you did not like our service.