Mohammad Shami’s Wife: An Insight into the Love Story of the Indian Cricketer and its Troubled Journey

Cricket - Vikidia, l'encyclopédie des 8-13 ansMarriages are meant to be committed, honest, and trusting; however, not every couple in their marriage goes through the same happy process. The love stories might captivate us and fill us with passion and lifelong companionship. However, that is not true for everyone. One such story is that of famous Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami and his ex-wife, Hasin Jahan.


This blog will explore Mohammed Shami’s wife’s background and her famous illicit affair allegations. 


Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan: A Blossoming Love


Mohammed Shami, who is a renowned and brilliant Indian fast bowler, tied the knot with Kolkata model Hasin Jahan on June 6, 2014. It was Shami’s first marriage, but Hasin has previously been married and is the mother of two daughters.


Despite this, their marriage was filled with an abundance of joy and happiness and appeared to be something out of a fairy tale. Their marriage announcement won the hearts of millions of fans with its sweet words. 


The Beginning of the Trouble

Everything in their marriage was going well. However, this happiness is only short-lived. After four years of their marriage, Hasin Jahan filed serious allegations against her then-husband Mohammed Shami in early 2018. 


She went to social media,pressed her misery, and exposed her husband, Mohammad Shami, to multiple cheating scandals. She then went on to lodge a police complaint and make serious accusations, which included murder attempts and physical violence. 


Jahan claimed that her husband cheated on her with multiple women. She also uploaded alleged screenshots of her husband’s private conversations with other women. This news was all over the internet, which shocked the whole cricket world and sparked a media storm, ruining the couple’s perfect marriage image.


The Legal Battle

Following the allegations, Mohammad Shami’s wife also complained to her in-laws and accused them of dowry harassment and attempted murder. Their legal battle became a highly emotional affair, with the parties presenting their sides of the story in court.


During the court case, Mohammad Shami tried to work out their differences, but none of the efforts worked out, and they got separated.


Ongoing proceedings


Hasin Jahan and Mohammed Shami are still caught up in their legal proceedings. They have been attending all their hearings, and the pleas, testimonies, and examination of evidence from both sides are being presented in court. 


Recently, she moved to the Supreme Court to file a special leave petition to challenge an order that dismissed her plea to lift a stay on Shami’s arrest. She has once again damaged Mohammed Shami’s image with her new allegations against him. 


She has claimed that her ex-husband used to have affairs with prostitutes during BCCI tours. Lastly, she also asserted that her trial has been held up by the court for four years due to the issuance of the arrest warrant.



Once a symbol of unity and devotion, Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan’s relationship has taken a dark turn amid charges of infidelity and domestic violence. Their tragedy is alarming because even the healthiest marriages can wilt under the pressure of miscommunication and false allegations. 


As the legal struggle continues, one can only hope that Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan can find peace and closure and can move on with their lives.