OGUsers Hacked Again: Hacking Hackers

OGUsers, a huge firm focused on buying and selling social media and gaming handles, has been in existence for the past four years. It is the fourth time they have been hacked in the past two years. The platform contains user records and private messages for around 350000 people, and it is available for sale at $3000.

When and why it happened?

On the 11th of April 2021, the attack was taken place by cybercriminals, and they gained access to the database completely. It happened because of plugin vulnerabilities that were used by the hacking site. The reason behind leaking and hacking databases is that law enforcement firms are security researchers. It can expose the attackers and reveal their identity from the IP address and registered email address.

Other Hacker Forums being Hacked

An online hacker card shop, Swarmshop, was hacked, and the structured set of data containing stolen data was revealed online. It consisted of 6,23,036 records from different parts of the world, like Canada, Saudi Arabia, France, the U.S., China, Mexico, the U.K, and Singapore. It also includes 69,592 sets of Canadian social insurance and U.S. social security numbers 498 bank account details.

IoT botnet, ZHtrap, deployed honeypots, and it was used to “hijack rival botnet infrastructure”.

Masataka, an invite-only cybercrime platform, in March was hacked. It revealed several passwords, usernames, email addresses, etc.

The outcome

It is not a bad thing when hackers get hacked as it reveals their identity. Also, it does not indicate the forums will stop working even after the information being revealed. Several organizations are being attacked every day, and to remain safe, they have to look for a permanent alternative. Here is a solution that you can consider opting for.

Look for a VPN

A Virtual Private Network can be a suitable option to consider if you want to keep yourself from becoming a victim of cyber terrorists. A VPN uses 256-bit encryption technology and eliminates the chance of getting hacked. It offers network scalability and decreases support costs.

Even if you are working remotely or using public Wi-Fi, you will still be safe and do not need to worry about your security aspects. Privacidadenlared is one of the top VPN service providers, and you can get a subscription. It is an ideal way to create a shield and eliminate hacking activities.