Password Security Rules: Must-Know Factors for Employees

A large section of employees are working remotely now because of the pandemic. It had both merits and demerits, but the cause of worries was the security issues. Security breaches are something that were always a problem, but during the pandemic, it has surged. The “Keeper Security’s Workplace Password Malpractice Report” claimed that 1000 employees were surveyed in the US in February. While surveying, it was found that most of them were careless about the password security rules. Considering that a report was prepared to give you an idea of the things you should be careful of.

Have a strong password for an account

It is a must to have a strong password and while creating one, use eight characters. There is nothing wrong if you want to have more but make sure it is not less than eight. A password should never be a word from the dictionary of your personal details. It should be an amalgamation of alphabets, symbols, numerical, etc. The more complicated you make it, the more difficult it is for hackers to crack the password.

Different passwords for different accounts

Many people keep the same password for all their accounts, including Gmail, social media platforms, etc. No one should ever do it as it increases the risk of a security breach. Over 44% of them have claimed to use the same password on different websites.

Get a VPN

Just like you work in a VPN while you are in the office, you must have one at your home also. It is a suitable way to encrypt information shared online or what work you are doing. Privacyforkorea is a VPN solution provider whom you can contact to avail the best plan. Get in touch with the service provider for more details as they are always available for your needs.

Never share work-related passwords

Whether it is your child or spouse, try not to share your password with anyone. Around 14% of them claimed to share with their spouse and 11% with other family members. If you are one, you should change it right now. You never know how hackers can access your confidential details. So, it is always better to stay safe.

Store information securely

Whenever you secure your information, try to encrypt them and store it in an untraceable place. With that, you are reducing the chances of being tracked by hackers.