Taking Care Of Your Vinyl Floor – Herringbone Vinyl

Vinyl flooring appears to be a fairly popular choice at the moment. This is mostly owing to the material’s longevity, low cost, and simplicity of maintenance. Another significant advantage is that vinyl flooring patterns are becoming increasingly diversified, to the point where some vinyl flooring does not even appear like vinyl flooring. There is even vinyl available that may trick anyone into believing they are looking at a wood floor.

The disadvantage of vinyl is that, despite its numerous advantages, it still has the basic drawback that all flooring does: it is not impregnable. Vinyl flooring has a tendency to absorb spills and stains, and it is easy to scratch, damage, or rip your vinyl floor. There are several things you can take to avoid this and safeguard your floor.

When Cleaning Vinyl Flooring, It Is Highly Important To Avoid Using Solvent-Based Cleaning Solution


Using the incorrect cleaning chemicals can dull the sheen and take away from the vinyl flooring’s overall smooth radiance. They would recommend washing your floor with warm-hot water; if you need to add a cleaning agent to the water to remove those tougher stains and streaks, simply add some dishwasher detergent to the water and mop away. As previously said, herringbone vinyl flooring may absorb part of the spill the longer it is left, therefore it is better not to drown your floor with the mop.

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When Cleaning Your Floor, Avoid Scouring Or Vigorous Scrubbing

This may leave stains, scrapes, or other types of damage on your floor. Even if the stain on your vinyl floor is really difficult to remove, do not scrub too vigorously. Simply use a solution created particularly for removing difficult stains from vinyl flooring, or alternatively, combine baking soda and water and leave the combination on the stain for a few minutes until the excess mixture and stain are gently rubbed away. Simply run warm water over this.

If you want to minimize the possibility of producing significant dents or damage to your herringbone vinyl floor as a result of furniture, they recommend cushioning below the legs of all the furniture in the area where the vinyl is being installed. This will minimize denting and damage to your floor caused by the furniture. If you intend to rearrange furniture or purchase new furniture, they would also recommend that you abandon the “things are pushed along the floor” mentality.

Due to the material composition of vinyl flooring, dragging or pushing furniture over the floor would only damage and maybe rip the floor. They recommend covering the floor with something durable while moving furniture or large appliances around to provide a distinct path for hauling big goods.