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Johaar Movie Aha: Cast, Release Date & Time, Story | Watch Online On Aha

If you are very selective about Indian movies online that you usually watch, you need to look for some recommendations of films that leave a strong after-effect. If you’re thinking about what Telugu film you should watch that will influence you in some way or the other, you should go forward with “Johar.”


“Johar” is a Telugu anthology drama film that was released in 2020. It is a directorial debut for TejaMarni, and Ram Vamsi Krishna produced the film. PriyadarshanBalasubramanian produced the music, JagadishCheekati did the cinematography, and Anwar Ali and SiddharthThatholu did the editing. Dharma Surya Pictures did the production, and AHA did the distribution. The film features Esther Anil as Jyothi, Ankit Koyya as Sidhu, NainaGanguly as Bala, Easwari Rao as Ganga, Chaitanya Krishna as Vijay Varma, SubhalekhaSudhakar as Bose, and a few others. 


The story is about five different people who have been affected by the same calamity, and the entire film is based on a political theme. After the death of the chief minister AchyuthaRammaya, his son Vijay Varma takes over his father’s power and authority. However, being an obedient and loving son to his father, Vijay wants to make his father’s largest and tallest statue. It is his only dream in life, and he wants to preserve his father’s legacy within the tallest statue. 

To get the funds collected for this particular statue, he uses his highest authority and drains the state’s revenue. This means that many people who were benefited from several State Law policies will be affected.

The film slowly starts to portray four different characters who are very important to the plot. A sports-playing woman played by NainaGanguly in Vizag aims at becoming the best National athlete. She thereby wants to eliminate poverty and all the other difficulties and atrocities that the poor face. Easwari Rao, in the role of a poor widow, struggles in Srikakulam to make both ends meet. She also has a sick daughter who often needs high-end treatment for her kidney-related disease. 

This was caused by drinking polluted water from the nearby water facility that the government provides. In the role of a pimp’s daughter, Esther falls head over heels in love with a poor tea seller. This plot takes place in Varanasi, where she wants to start a life with this person. However, she has a lot of challenges in life in terms of financial issues and social problems. An old man who has a romantic thought process, played by SubhalekhaSudhakar, is looking for funds to fend for the children in his orphanage in Rayalaseema. Watch how all of them are affected by the decision of Vijay Varma in “Johar.” 

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