Things To Consider On Your Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses have become a staple piece of clothing nowadays. You see people using it at the beach, in the office, while driving or biking, you even see them used while playing sports.  Most people, in the past, didn’t really use sunglasses if they’re not out in the sun. It’s understandable though, most people were conditioned into thinking that sunglasses must be worn outdoors only. But you know,  times  have changed. Sunglasses are not only worn for protection from the UV rays and pollution, they are now being worn for fashion purposes and that’s great too!

Wooden Sunglasses also gained its popularity among people who are looking for a nice way to express both function and fashion. Wood has long been part of the fashion world, from furniture to accessories and interior designs, it is always known to give a simple yet elegant and expensive-looking vibe. No wonder why many people are now more for neutral and nature inspired styles and designs be it for furniture, accessories or just you know, aesthetics of their IG feed.

While you are excited to try something new like the Wooden Sunglasses, there are things to be considered before purchasing them. Below are some of the things you might want to consider before buying your first pair of Wooden Sunglasses.

  • Wood variation

Wood has many variations that greatly differ from tones, textures and color which make it more appealing and unique. Wooden Sunglasses also have different variations to choose from. Make sure to decide on which variations you want to go with.

  • Material

Unlike most people know, Wooden Sunglasses have different types of materials too. Some of the material used in making these sunglasses include bamboo, rose wood, oak wood, ebony wood, and maple wood. Make sure to research the differences between those materials and decide which one suits you best.

  • Color of the Lens

Choosing what color of the lens of your sunglasses is important too not just for the overall look but because the color of the lens has different indications. Each color provides different benefits and even functionalities. Darker lenses are best for everyday activities under the sun, it provides greater protection from harmful glares and minimizes eye strain. If you have light-sensitive eyes, darker shades are for you. Lighter shaded lenses can be your daily pair if you’re in an environment with low to moderate lighting conditions.

  • Polarization

It is also important to check the polarization of your Wooden Sunglasses. Make sure that your sunglasses are polarized to ensure great quality. Polarized sunglasses provide superior protection and give you better vision outdoors. Also, it protects your eyes from bright reflections and glares reflected in many things and surfaces outdoors.

  • UV Protection

Not all sunglasses provide a hundred percent protection from UV rays. Before purchasing your sunglasses, make sure that you check they provide protection from harmful UV rays. Check the descriptions and reviews of the said product. If ever you have already bought your pair of sunglasses, you can always have them checked by an optometrist.