Truck Breakdown Assistance: How Does It Work?

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These rules of the Road Traffic Regulations also apply, of course, if a truck needs breakdown service and has to be towed away. If a truck remains inoperable, it can be towed away. If a trailer is available and can be uncoupled, it must not be towed. However, if the whereabouts of the trailer poses a threat, the police must be informed. This can then monitor the towing of the entire train.

For the towing of a truck, you should know how a truck works to move it properly.

Towing from a truck is only permitted for the tractor unit, not for the trailer.

Therefore, in the event of a breakdown, a towing service is often called for the truck, as these companies specialize in the towing of trucks and can tow the vehicle safely. A truck towing service often also has several options for moving the truck and knowing how to transport it to the workshop safely.

For example, if the truck has to be towed over a longer distance, it must be ensured that the so-called Cardan shaft is disengaged. If the truck cannot be loaded by the tow truck or the drive axle cannot be raised, this must be done. If this does not happen or if laypeople want to tow a truck, this can damage the gearbox and oil leakage. If you have to tow a truck, which can be done for a very short distance without unhooking or dismantling the Cardan shaft, this should only be done with the suitable tow rope for a truck or with a tow bar.

Towing A Truck: What Are The Costs?

Towing the truck can either be carried out by a particular truck towing service or often towing services on behalf of the car clubs. The costs here often depend on the size and weight of the truck, the towing vehicle required, the time of day and the time spent working. In addition, a truck towing service often incurs fees for the location to which the truck was towed. Click here to read more (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai)