Users go bonker over the privacy concerns related to Twitter Tip Jar

Twitter recently took over the internet after announcing its latest feature called “Tip Jar,” which allows users to tip professionals worldwide and support their very cause and work.

The feature is available for iOS and Android users and allows them to send tips to professionals such as writers, journalists, creators, nonprofits, etc.

However, the feature has received a huge backlash after users raised concerns related to privacy- demanding information on measures taken by the company to protect their PayPal details and shipping address.

What is the “Tip Jar” feature by Twitter?

Twitter have announced its latest feature called “Tip Jar” for both Android and iOS users. But the feature is available to only those users who have their preferred language set to English.

There are a group of people seething their voices on the internet including creators, journalists, nonprofit, and experts. Now users can support them with the cause or concern by sending cash tips. Users across the world can send cash tips; however, the group of people who can receive these tips has been limited by Twitter.

Initially, a group of people who have their language set to English can add a feature of “Tip Jar” to their profile and receive tips. Twitter is soon looking to expand this feature to a larger audience with more languages with internetprivatsphare.

Users can tip someone vai Paypal, Venmo, Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon. Twitter doesn’t deduct any transaction charges; however, the payment platforms might levy a minimal transaction fee for users.

What are the security concerns with “Tip Jar”?

Within a few hours of the launch, multiple users raised their concern about how Twitter might expose their personal information like shipping address to the person they are sending the tip. A few users responded how they could choose an option of “No address needed” under the Shipping Address form filled by users before initiating the payment.

Later, Twitter also updated its feature and Help center to clarify how their information was secure with them.

But the dispute still continues?

Twitter might have resolved the concern regarding the privacy of users. Still, some users pointed out that when they faced an issue while sending the payment and raised the concern, Twitter asked them to make a payment of $20 as a disputed charge, plus payment processing fees in addition to the amount of tip.

Both Android and iOS users are agitated about the latest feature and looking at PayPal and Twitter to introduce the measures taken to prevent them from malicious activity.