What are the 7 best tips for playing Fantasy Cricket?

Although fans scarcely had a chance to play cricket during the pandemic, the IPL 2021 season has provided them with some relief. Cricket fans appreciate the opportunity to watch their favorites play live, but they appreciate the opportunity to participate in virtual games even more.

There is a way to do that by choosing a member of the cricket team of your choice from a league of two teams. If you still don’t believe it is possible, you can check out fantasy cricket. It would be a win-win situation if the best players were chosen. Play cricket fantasy league online to win points in the match. Gamers download their favorite app and choose their desired players. 

During the fantasy cricket game, the outcome will be determined mainly by how your player performed on the field during the match. Therefore, fantasy cricket is all about choosing the right players. Apps also keep on offering recommendations and tips on how to choose players for particular games in order to win each match.

To make sure you win the game, follow these top tips when choosing your team.

Performance of the players

Being a fantasy cricket gamer, you should focus on the performances of players first. What’s the point of choosing the best player? In the meantime, we should inquire into what factors will aid in choosing the most suitable candidate. 

Many gamers tend to focus only on the last performance of their favorite players, believing that this is the most important factor. It’s still not wise to focus too much on the past. The most important thing is consistency. It is possible for a player to perform well in one game only to perform poorly in another. In spite of this, some cricketers have had successful careers.

The importance of having someone who consistently performs well cannot be overstated. It is therefore important, when creating a fantasy cricket team, to look into previous performances, but also how consistent has the player been, and how much potential does the player have for improvement.

Find out if the Players are playing

There is no worse thing than picking a player and then finding out they will not be playing that day. You need to know if a player is playing that day; the worst thing is picking them only to discover they’ll be out injured on that day. Make sure you select players who are well-established and consistent. It’s best to avoid them if you have any doubts about them.

Pitch and weather conditions

Pitch and weather conditions play a significant role in the player selection process. Before a match begins, the cricket fans waiting for their favorite teams are informed of the pitch condition and weather forecast. You should keep checking the latest reports as a fantasy cricket player and then choose your players accordingly. In order to decide what kind of cricketer you need to include in your team that day, you must consider the pitch and the weather.

Having spinners in the team would be ideal if the pitch was slow and dry. Hence, avoid swing bowlers because they will not prosper under such conditions. 

Therefore, if you want the most talented players, you must also consider the surroundings along with the player’s performance. Be sure that the fantasy cricket team you choose to enter is unbeatable when you register.

Selection of captain and vice-captain

Choosing a team captain and vice-captain is the most daunting task when you are selecting a team. In this case, the speed at which the points multiply will be determined by the choice. The news is true. For every run scored by the captain during a particular match, you score 2x points for him while the vice-captain earns 1.5x points for similar performance.

Make sure that the best players are selected as the team’s captain and vice-captain. Your points will increase as a result.

Have a proper balance in the team

Even though it might seem simple to choose players, there are certain factors that if overlooked can end up being a blunder. Cricketers need to become experts in fielding and shots. Some players are excellent batsmen, while others are awesome bowlers. Making a choice becomes very difficult. You need to make sure the team is balanced, however. 

As you will need bowlers and fielders too in order to win a game, it is recommended not to focus on just a few good batsmen.

Arrange top-order batsmen

In order to make your opponent’s task as difficult as possible, you have to score as many runs as you can. The best batsmen must be arranged properly so that they can each hit the pitch one by one. As a team, the batsmen should be the first to hit the pitch, ensuring that they set a huge goal for the other team to accomplish. You are already half way to winning if this is ensured.

Calculate the Cost Well

Players who are more expensive than usual do not meet the expectations that are expected of them. There are a few young players who perform well in the games. You will reap the rewards of them and also increase the chances of winning cash prizes, as they will reward you well.

Bonus Points

You can also score additional points for catching, stumping, and running out players in the field. Even if he plays down the order in the batting line-up, Jadeja can earn your team bonus points by catching a couple of balls or by running you out.


Play cricket fantasy league and relying on the members of your team for your win or lose, you must consider the above-mentioned factors. A winning team is sure to have a good record. You can also look up to many new emerging cricketers for their outstanding shots and strikes that are changing the game of cricket. In order to choose a winning team, it is essential that you stay up-to-date and use all your skills and knowledge.