What Is The Role Of A Tutor In Online Teaching?

The tutor assumes a strategic role in distance learning courses, being responsible for guiding, guiding, and instigating the student’s interest in the course. He actively participates in the teaching process, articulating the entire learning system.

The tutor must have training or have a course in progress in the discipline in which they work. It is essential that, in addition to answering the student’s specific questions, the tutor dominates the area of ​​knowledge and stimulates interest in students.

The Duties Of A Tutor

  • Ask questions about the content and methodology;
  • Produce content schemes for requested explanations;
  • Correct work performed by students;
  • Encourage students to develop a study plan and personal organization;
  • Encourage participation with questions and challenges, using examples linked to real-life situations;
  • Monitor the performance of activities by the student;
  • Minimize student loneliness in distance learning;
  • Be receptive and transmit a motivational climate favorable to learning;
  • Dialogue, know how to listen, have empathy and maintain an attitude of cooperation;
  • Consider what students already know and bring them closer to new knowledge and information;
  • Offer opportunities for participation, reflection, and decision-making;
  • Provide individualized and cooperative care, offering the necessary resources to achieve the discipline’s objectives.

What Is The Difference Between A Tutor And A Teacher?

Technological mediation brings significant changes to the relationship between teacher and student and requires the pedagogical team to act in an integrated and specific way for various areas of knowledge.

The tutor does not have the same role as a teacher, as their service is directed to one student at a time. He doesn’t need to instruct a group of students or develop dynamics to manage a class.

Being a teacher involves much more than teaching. Its role is linked to leadership, mediation, and dialogue, so those who think it is easy are wrong. And this is precisely where the tutor is crucial.

When dealing with large classes, the teacher finds himself in a difficult place to meet the demands of all students, which can influence learning gaps in the class. Search for English for business (ภาษา อังกฤษ เพื่อ ธุรกิจ which is the term in Thai)

Tutoring emerges as an intervention that helps to reduce students’ difficulties while favoring students’ performance with more accessible learning.