What it Means to Buy Pet Food Containing “Human Grade” Ingredients

Various pet food formulas appear on store shelves every week. As a responsible pet owner, you should strive to familiarize yourself with the terminology surrounding human-grade pet food ingredients.

Regrettably, many pet parents may not know what to choose for their furry babies, and several pet food brands contain poor-quality ingredients. They are inadequately formulated, not meeting their furry pet’s nutritional requirements.

Nutritional deficiencies over long periods can lead to weakness and other health issues. Contact a vet or canine nutritionist for dietary advice, and also consider being equipped with pet insurance NZ so that unanticipated physical health situations are more manageable.

Contemplate purchasing the best pet insurance for your pooch to assure comprehensive health coverage with minor financial implications. In the meantime, read this article to learn what buying pet food containing human-grade ingredients means.

What does it mean?

Buying pet food containing human-grade ingredients means that the items used in the pet food are of the same quality and safety standards as those used in food products made for human consumption. The food items will be sourced and processed according to strict guidelines to ensure they are pet safe, nutritious, and free from potential contaminants.

Choosing pet food with human-grade ingredients is often perceived as a premium option, as it emphasizes using top-grade and more wholesome components. This can give the pet owner community much confidence in the food product’s quality, knowing that the level of care and scrutiny going into human food production is also applied to their canine fur babies’ food.

However, there are pros and cons to using any type of food product, some of which are mentioned below.


  1. Human-grade ingredients are held to higher standards, ensuring better quality and safety for your pet pupper’s consumption.
  2. Such food items are typically more nutritious, providing a balanced and healthy diet for your four-pawed companion.
  3. Human-grade pet foods containing fewer artificial additives and preservatives promote a more natural diet for your pup.
  4. Top-quality ingredients are generally easily digestible, lowering the risks of gastrointestinal issues in your pet friend.
  5. Commercial pet food brands using human-grade ingredients are often transparent about their ingredient sourcing and production processes, giving pet owners like you more confidence in the products.


  1. Pet food with human-grade ingredients can be more expensive than regular pet food due to the high-quality ingredients used and production standards.
  2. Not all pet food brands offer human-grade options, so there may be fewer choices in the market.
  3. Human-grade ingredients may have shorter shelf lives, leading to potential food spoilage if not used promptly and regularly.
  4. Although pet food products with high-quality ingredients are often suggested, some animals may have specific allergies or sensitivities to specific human-grade ingredients.

The decision to feed your pup pet food containing human-grade ingredients depends on your budget, your canine’s dietary needs, and your preferences regarding ingredient quality and transparency.

To choose the most suitable food for your pupper’s health and well-being, seek your vet’s advice and consider being equipped with pet insurance in NZ because health issues are often unpredictable. Contemplate purchasing the best pet insurance for your poochie because illnesses are often unpredictable, and testing and treatments can stress out your wallet.