What You Should Know About Tako Wasabi?

The world is filled with all kinds of people with different cultures and different cuisine. Therefore, today we would like to tell you about one amazing yet exotic cuisine called tako wasabi. Before you try this new dish, we think you should like to know about the dish in detail. Gaining information before trying a completely new dish surely increases excitement and elevates the experience of trying a dish for the first time. 

Tako wasabi includes the raw meat of octopus that is served along with a raw vegetable. Therefore, to have the best tako wasabi you should always ask for tako wasabi delivery (ทา โกะ วา ซา บิ เดลิ เว รี่, which is the term in Thai) from an authentic Thai restaurant near you. 

What Makes Tako Wasabi Different And Amazing?

The tako wasabi is not a normal dish is an exotic dish even in Thailand. If you are familiar with sushi, then you might like the idea of trying raw octopus meat. However, the experience of having a tako wasabi is going to be a lot different from having a Shushi. Usually, people don’t like what they see on their plat. Slimy, slippery, and chewy raw octopus meat can surely look bizarre. However, you should not just believe in your eyes when it comes to trying new cuisine and let your taste bud speak to you. However, make sure to have tako wasabi delivery from an authentic Thai restaurant that serves tako wasabi as their specialty. 

As soon as you have your first bite of tako wasabi, you will be amazed at the new flavor. The amazing taste and unique texture of octopus meat compliment the heat wasabi and wine. Being a foodie you cannot ask for a more great experience than trying a tako wasabi for the first time. 

Amazing Facts About Tako Wasabi

Trying new cuisine from another part of the world is exciting but it also takes you closer to a culture that originates the dish. Therefore, we would like to share some important facts about the tako wasabi.

Tako wasabi is the English name for this dish. The real name that is used in Thailand is Takowasa. The name tako in Tako Wasa refers to raw octopus. The wasabi is what gives heat to the dish, as wasabi is Japanese Horseradish. The wasabi blends perfectly with slippery and slimy octopus meat. So, for the first-timer, the texture of octopus meat can be a lot to deal with on a first try.