Which is better, online or live poker games? 

Had you told anyone 50 years ago that they could gamble successfully over the internet, they would have refuted and denied adamantly. It is however the case today with more people joining online Ceme Online casinos to enjoy games joker123 slot like poker. This has posed a great challenge for some brick and mortar casinos around the world that depend on gambling for survival. What are the differences between the two? As a new poker player what should you consider between the two. Consulting with professional and doing your research online can help you get an insight of why online gambling can be beneficial to your poker career. Find out below how these two types of poker differ today.


Live casinos demand that you be there physically to engage in a game. Having done this for years, poker players prefer to game from their homes over the internet today. This not only improves their security but saves their time and money. All you are need to have is an active internet connection you can use on your device to access the poker site. You are also absolved of the noise and distraction that come from rowdy gamblers in a live casino giving you a clear mind to use against other poker players online.


How much does it cost you to go to the casino and back in terms of transport cost? You may need to eat and refresh amidst the game which makes the entire venture rather costly for poker players. Online poker sites have provided a better alternative to live casinos. Gambling from the comfort of your house is cheaper considering no refreshment or travel costs have to be incurred. You can therefore save more money playing remotely from your home or office than go to a live casino and risk losing.

Ability to learn

Between the two, online casinos offer better support to their amateur customers. It is technical to learn in actual casino game where your opponents are all out for your money. Beginners need to take things slow to mitigate chances of losing money to their competition. They can as such join low-tier poker rooms where the odds of winning are higher. Online poker sites also offer the demo version of poker games for amateurs to learn and play for free. You can sharpen your skills here as you prepare to begin competing against other top competitors in the online casino.

Bonuses and rewards

Yes, sure you can get a free spin in a brick ad mortar casino but rewards and bonuses are something you should look up to in live casinos. This augments your potential loss when playing unlike when you have a bonus to test the waters. Bonuses give some sort of head start that players can use to make profits. You should find the term and conditions regarding the bonus before claiming and using them to advance your poker career. These are assets not easily given to pokers in a live casino making online casinos even more cost effective to pokers who are tired of losing in brick and mortar casinos.