Why Move to Florida From West Virginia? and the Moving Checklist

It is normal to think about moving to Sunshine State, Florida from West Virginia. Its sandy shores, delectable food, diverse population, attractive places, and theme parks temp lots of newcomers.

Some good reasons to move to Florida are –

  • It is warm and sunny for more than 200 days a year. You get to enjoy more time outdoors!
  • You can save on taxes because Florida State does not ask residents to pay taxes, thus you can significantly save your hard-earned dollars.
  • The residents gain access to beautiful beaches close to their doors.
  • Lots of cultural diversity so is an interesting city to live in.
  • Lots of outdoor and indoor activities can be enjoyed ranging from cultural experience to water sports They can accommodate even you outdoor funiture, and if you have invested in quality teak garden furniture uk products or wooden parasol, you wouldn’t want to leave them behind. Know that there’s space for everything in your home in one of our moving storage.
  • The housing, healthcare, and food in Florida fall under the national average, so migrating here will not dent your wallet.
  • Delectable food and drink scenario.
  • Intense sports culture ranging from college to professional.

If you feel that you can make Florida a new home then prepares a good moving plan. A residential move needs you to stay organized on every phase to direct an adventurous relocation towards a successful end.

For example, you will need to consider a trustworthy mover company to transport your possessions and belongings. You will need to check an experienced auto transport company for transporting your sedan. Ship a Car, Inc. is a reliable car transport company with a strong carrier network. You can visit their website and instantly acquire West Virginia to Florida vehicle shipping quote

Checklist for moving

  • Research housing costs and job opportunities in the new city.
  • Secure a suitable new home after exploring the different areas, renting, and buying options.
  • If you have not secured a job already then think about this before moving.
  • Determine a moving budget.
  • After thorough research, secure reliable and licensed movers. Make sure to reach 3 to 5 mover companies and ask for estimation. Decide after you compare. Even look for ways to reduce the moving cost.
  • Book and sign a moving contract with the mover company to avoid undesired surprises on moving day.
  • Create a home inventory. Separate the things you want to keep, leave behind, and donate.
  • Packing is a complex and boring task. If you are on a DIY plan then ensure to set a timeline to get the packing completed on time.
  • Prepare a few boxes with essentials you will need to survive until the movers deliver your belongings.
  • If you have things kept aside then look for a storage facility and move it.
  • Transporting pets and plants also needs to be considered.
  • You will even need to attain the necessary health documents and certificates from the vet and doctor. Besides, you will need your kid’s school records.
  • Your subscriptions with the utility providers need cancellation before the moving day.
  • Change postal address a little time before moving day.
  • Keep your paperwork safe in a special binder to refer to, especially for the moving tax deductions.
  • Discuss the moving situation with your kids and make sure they stay calm as they will feel depressed to leave their friends and start life fresh.

When you plan to migrate to another state, always stay a step ahead!