26. Marking the End of Pollution With Biosphere Technology

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Pollution is the greatest threat to life today. It has the potential to end the lives of not only humans, plants, and animals but also that of our planet. The greatest offshoots of pollution are global warming and climate change. Global warming involves the abnormal rise in land and sea surface temperatures of the earth leading to the melting of polar ice caps which result to rising sea levels. Hundreds of islands and cities have already been submerged underwater and thousands more are in danger. Climate change on the other hand involves erratic weather patterns and sudden seasonal changes such as abnormally heavy rainfall, fierce storms and frequent tornadoes.

Pollution is man’s greatest enemy. Ironically, pollution is one of man’s creations. And so it is man’s responsibility to get rid of pollution. The war against pollution had been going on for decades. All efforts seemed futile and pollution always managed to survive. But things are about to change. Man now has a weapon that has the potential to completely eliminate waste. This blessed weapon is biosphere technology. Biosphere technology combats waste in two ways: first it destroys existing solid wastes, and second it prevents further pollution.

Biosphere technology gets rid of waste by turning it into energy. The solid waste is placed inside gasification chambers where it is digested by biosphere machines and transformed into extremely hot steam that is later converted into electrical power. Gaining free energy every time you eliminate waste is more than enough incentive to motivate people to participate in the destruction of waste. All the trash loitered around and all the garbage lying in dumpsites will be reduced to nothing but pure and clean energy by biosphere technology.

Biosphere technology also serves as an alternative energy source to brown technologies which contaminate our atmosphere. It is classified as a green technology and member of the sustainability industry because it can generate electricity with minimal amounts of pollution due to the fact the gasification process is performed inside oxygen limited chambers. Finally, we can have all the energy we desire without bringing detriment to the environment. We can now move forward towards an era of green energy technologies. We can now make brown energy technologies such as coal and oil nothing but things of the past.




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