All You Need To Know About The Dell Poweredge R240 Server

The Dell PowerEdge R240 Server provides you the excellent features that the brand name itself offers at an affordable price. This solution is especially ideal for small or budget-conscious businesses, for it is one of the most low-cost solutions offered by Dell without compromising on the facilities.

What Can It Be Used For?

The Dell PowerEdge R240 is affordable, compact, and can handle an appreciable amount of workload. These include – filing and printing, web hosting, web serving, surveillance facilities, as a DHCP server and various other business uses.

Features And Benefits

  • Low Cost

This is an ideal solution for startups, small businesses, or cost-conscious businesses. This server lets your serve multiple functions, and especially for web hosting purposes as it enables the connectivity and operation of several virtual machines collectively and efficiently. 

You can also choose several customizable specifications still at a lower price to fit your work needs the best. With the processor, the input and output units, the memory capacity, and so on, you can choose what to use for your business.

  • Performance

The Dell PowerEdge R240 comes with higher 4, 6, or 8-core Intel® Xeon® E-2200 processors for better suitability, greatly boosting workability and server performance. You can also enjoy a memory capacity of 64 GB if you utilize all four DDR4 DIMM slots. 

  • Enhanced Security

As the trademark of the Dell PowerEdge Servers, the R240 doesn’t compromise with security options and lets one operate it worry-free. The iDRAC9 Enterprise Server Lockdown mode lets you protect your system from any malicious virus or malware. The server also lets you protect your data with the help of RAID software, cryptographically signed protection utilities, and secure booting. And in case there is still a breach, you can safely and swiftly wipe out all the sensitive data from the storage.  

  • Easy Management

This is a single socketed, compact 1-U rack server that can be easily installed. The multi-vector cooling facility automates the amount of airflow needed for the ideal cooling cutting down on the operational costs. The server is also readily and easily accessible from anywhere at any time, including your mobile device with the help of Open Manage Mobile. It also greatly eases down and increases the efficiency of IT operation. And the predictive and automated technology used by the server resolves issues cutting down on IT interference and effort by 72%. 

If you are looking for a greatly efficient server that can manage a large workload, with easy and simple operation, and significantly boost your work performance at an affordable cost, the Dell PowerEdge R240 is the solution for you.