Colonial Pipeline Paid $5M To Get The Encrypted Code

Colonial Pipeline could not believe that all their systems have been hacked by the threat actor gang, DarkSide. Also, the vital parameter is that they encrypted all the details instead of stealing. Colonial Pipeline Co. is one of the well-known and largest US operators. In no possible way, the experts crack the code, following which they need to pay $5 million to get a decryption key. If they would not have paid the amount, there is no way they could ever access the computer network.

When did they start working again?

Because of the ransomware attack, the company could not work for five days. Colonial Pipeline Co. was never in favor of paying such a big amount, but after understanding that there is no possible way, they paid the money. Another reason is the organization could not track cryptocurrency after some time of being attacked.

Also, it faced pressure from the Georgia-based operator, who forced them to start the flowing of jet fuel and gasoline. It supplied to the major parts of the Eastern Seaboard. All the details were revealed by the top reporters of Bloomberg, Jennifer Jacobs, Michael Riley, and William Turton.

Use a VPN

Even after trying so many things, there is no proper solution an organization must follow to avoid these things. But having a VPN connection like internetprivatsphare can help to some extent. It can change your IP address or encrypt all your information so no one can track your details.

Rise in ransomware

With the passing time, crimes are increasing. According to reports by Check Point Software, an increase of 102% has been experienced compared to 2020. Numerous high-profile ransomware gangs have been formed, which has led to a surge in criminal activities. To keep yourself updated and avoid being a victim, you can download and read this book, “2021: The Evolution of Ransomware”.

Get the right protection

It’s time to get the right protection for your organization if you do not want to pay such a hefty amount to attackers. When criminals can create some reputability, it does not take much time to ask for ransom. As per reports, the criminal gang, Darkside, follows different campaigns to target the top companies and hack their systems. Before it is your turn, make sure to have the necessary measures in place. There is no specific time when they will target you, so it’s better to opt for a VPN now.