The Basics of Hackers & Hacking Protection

Cyber crime is the most pervasive and prevalent problem today. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a massive increase in the volume of cyber crime globally. Estimates made by regulatory authorities all over estimate a 600% increase in the overall number of attempted cyber attacks. Here are some of the hacking basics that you should know about for your protection.

Malware & Trojan Horses

Hackers and cyber criminals have come up with malicious pieces of software, which are also known as malware. Malware remains the most persistent and useful tool in the hands of cyber criminals and hackers. By infecting the target devices or networks with malware like viruses, worms, etc., hackers are able to gain illegal access to the system.

A trojan horse is one of the most serious security threats, which hackers use to exploit your system. It is a seemingly innocuous and innocent piece of software that looks legitimate. But, in reality, it is a malicious piece of software that will provide the hacker with a backdoor into your system. Now, it’s time to explore some hacking terminology.

Hacking & Protection Terminology

  • Backdoor: A backdoor is a term that cybersecurity experts use to describe an illegal entrypoint into a computer network. Hackers use malware to create/discover backdoors, and then use them to gain continued access to the network.
  • Root Access: Root access is the goal of any hacker intruding into the system. Root access allows the hacker to wield complete and total control over the network’s many parts. The hackers can gain root access by using a rootkit.
  • Email Phishing: This is a scam where cyber criminals pretend to be representatives of a legitimate organization and send malicious URLs over email. They can persuade people to hand over their passwords or infect their devices by clicking the email.

The Best Ways to Protect Yourself

  • Get a VPN: Right out of the gate, try to use a VPN when you’re using public wifi. A solid and reliable VPN provider like diebestenvpn can protect you from harm.
  • Use Proper Software: Protect your devices and networks with the help of a powerful antivirus and all-round security software. It will be able to provide you with 24/7 protection.


This is all of the information that you need to know if you want to protect your devices from being taken advantage of by hackers. Educate yourself and take steps to keep yourself secure.