“Find My” Network From Apple Exploited Via Bluetooth

Apple users had come across the feature “Find My Device” available on IOS and macOS devices. You must know that it has been exploited to find information from random passing systems. The important aspect is that to start the function, there is no need for an internet connection. Fabian Bräunlein, a security researcher, revealed all these things, which led to fear among some users. Before claiming the fact, he has done some research work and developed evidence with Positive Security. They used a customized MacOS and microcontroller app to show how the data from one device can be transferred through BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy.

About “Send My”

The process is known as “Send My” by the researcher, and several cases were put forward, which ensures it is true. It has information on how hackers can design a network for the internet of things sensors. But Apple could not stop using the feature in such a way.

How did it happen?

Apple AirTags is an item tracker, and Fabian Bräunlein has inspired its release. It is fixed with a keychain or backpack that allows the finding of devices within the range of Bluetooth. The process was done to find if arbitrary data could be sent. Before starting the process, the researchers also collected details from a team of professionals of “Technical University of Darmstadt.”

They had developed a tool, OpenHaystack using “reverse-engineered Apple’s Find My network.” It permits designing accessories to trace and find by the locator service. Some flaws were also found with the system exposing the user identities. When the tool was used over Bluetooth, the same feature, “Find Me,” crowdsources to get more data by communicating using location beacons. With that, the device owner will start receiving reports registered on “iOS/macOS Find My app” or “Apple’s iCloud-based Find My iPhone.”

Have a VPN

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