Everything to know about online slot games

What are online slot games?

Slot machines are found in physical casinos throughout the world. These machines would contain reels adjacent to each other spinning along an axis. Each of these reels will have specific symbols arranged randomly. However, all the reels will look identical. Also, you can find some horizontal projections over these reels. These are known as pay lines. When the reels are rotating, the pay lines will standstill. Once the reels stop rotating, you can find a few characters standing below the pay lines. These will be the winning characters. The objective of the game is to guess the symbol or character that will end up below the selected or the only pay line. With time, the concept of online casinos started ruling the gambling industry. So, the concept of slot games is also gone online. Now, you can find the same setup of a slot machine in the virtual space on your mobile or a computer. There are several varieties of เกมส์สล็อต out there. Some features and processes differ in each of these varieties. Let us discuss slot games in brief. 

Types of slot machine games

The gameplay of slot games is the same as explained earlier in all varieties of the game. However, some other factors will vary. One could differentiate slot games based on the number of reels and pay lines as follows,

Reel slots – If there are three reels on the slot machine along with only one pay line, it is known as a reel slot. These are the traditional types of slot games found in the past. It has gone rare in the recent era. The chances of winning in a reel slot are high as there is only one pay line. So, the payout amount will be less. 

Video slots – Video slots will be played similarly to reel slots. However, you will play with five reels adjacently placed along with several pay lines at once. You will find a minimum of nine pay lines and a maximum of up to hundreds in video slots. In the beginning, you should choose the character on the reels along with the desired pay line to show the winning combination. 

Progressive slots – Although the gameplay and number of reels or pay lines will be the same as the above-mentioned types, the progressive slots will differ in terms of the winning amount. For instance, you will see your Jackpot amount increasing while you are playing. It is because there will be a systematic connection between all the slot machines of that casino. So, each time a player places his bet on any of the slot machines, the Jackpot will get a part of it. So, the player who wins the progressive slot will take the Jackpot at the current size. 

Themed slots

Themed slots are varieties of slot machines that differ by themes instead of pay lines, reels, and prize amounts. You will find different themes in terms of characters, music, and animation.