Spot a Fake Google Review: What to Do About It

When you’re looking at reviews for a product or service on Google, you want to be sure that they’re real. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell. In some cases, businesses will pay for fake reviews in order to boost their ratings. However, there are a few ways that you can spot a fake review if you want to buy reviews {bewertungen kaufen}.

How can I tell if a Google review is real after purchasing?

  • First, take a look at the language used in the review. If it seems overly positive or uses unusual phrases, it may be fake.
  • Additionally, check to see if the reviewer has only left one review. If so, that may be a sign that they were paid to write it.
  • Finally, look for reviews that are suspiciously similar to each other. This could be a sign that they were written by the same person using different names.

If you keep these things in mind, you’ll be able to spot fake reviews and make sure that you’re getting accurate information.

What are some things to avoid when trying to get Google reviews?

When it comes to soliciting Google reviews, there are a few things you should avoid if you want to stay within the bounds of Google’s policies.

  • First and foremost, don’t offer incentives in exchange for reviews. This includes offering discounts, freebies, or anything else of value.
  • Secondly, don’t post reviews on behalf of others. Google places reviews should be genuine and objective, so let your customers speak for themselves.
  • Finally, don’t try to artificially inflate your rating by creating fake accounts or leaving multiple reviews from the same IP address. Not only is this against Google’s policies, but it’s also likely to backfire and damage your reputation.

By following these simple guidelines, you can avoid any problems when trying to get Google reviews.

Purchasing Google reviews: Which services to avoid?

Unfortunately, there are now a number of companies that will sell fake reviews to businesses. These companies often create multiple fake accounts and use them to post glowing reviews about their client’s products or services. In some cases, they may even post negative reviews about the competition in order to make their client look more favorable by comparison.

So how can you tell if a review is fake? There are a few things to look for.

  • First, take a close look at the language used in the review. If it seems overly positive or promotional, that’s a red flag.
  • Also, be wary of reviews that are very vague or lack specific details.
  • Finally, pay attention to the account used to post the review. If it only has a few posts and was created recently, that’s another sign that it may be fake.


When you’re looking for feedback about a product or service, one of the first places you probably turn is Google. After all, reviews from real people can be incredibly useful when you’re trying to make a decision. However, it’s important to remember that not all reviews are created equal. So, make your decision wisely!