Become adept at the various styles of rummy and win prizes

Playing cards are an important part of our Indian culture. Some families take the education of card tricks very seriously. Other families jokingly also suggest that any new member in their house (for example – a new marriage) would have to play card games as their audition for entry into the family. That’s how vital these games can be. Since the Indian culture and heritage is vast and full of diversity, card games have also developed and evolved throughout the generations and several variations of the game have been created to make them more exciting and fun.

How to play Indian Rummy – the rules to playing this type of rummy are simple enough to understand.

  • The objective remains the same – make the best combinations of the cards in the form of sets or sequences.
  • 2 decks of cards are used that will eventually form pure or impure sequences for the players to win the game.
  • Each player will get their turn to play and they can pick one card from the face-down pile and then discard the most redundant card from their hands.
  • At least 2 players are required to play the game; 2- 6 players can ideally join- the more the better.
  • A player can ‘declare’ or show their cards if they feel that their sequences are valid.
  • If another player makes a valid declaration before one completes their own sequences, the value of the un-grouped cards will be used to score the points.

How to play 13 card rummy – As any version of this popular game, this one also has the same rules and objectives.

  • This is the most popular version of the game played in India. One deck of cards is used to play the game however, depending on the number of players, a second deck can be added.
  • One pure sequence has to be made in order to declare the game in a valid manner. The ideal situation would be to make the most number of sequences (preferably using all the cards in hand)
  • One impure sequence (includes a joker) also has to be made in this version of the game before a declaration.
  • As in the other version, the losing members of the group will have their points calculated based on the cards that have not made their place into any sequence. Therefore, to have the least number of points, cards with lower face values should remain ungrouped as opposed to those with a greater face value.

Playing rummy is exciting and fun. There can also be a lot of learning from this game in terms of planning, thinking, calculating, strategizing and analyzing. Along with these, we can also earn money and other prizes as set by the app if we win depending on the type of game we are playing. Of course, one can also choose to play without the involvement of any money. The several types of the game are available online to choose from. We can browse through the rules and instructions and play the type that we are most comfortable with. So let’s get going!