Best Use of the Right Quality of camerakit video From Huawei Now


When it comes to photography and recording quality, HUAWEI smartphones are always at the forefront. Thanks to enormous technical advances, you can take pictures with up to four cameras in current models and create professional shots in a wide variety of situations. On this page, we’ll tell you how to take aesthetic pictures with your HUAWEI smartphone and what you need to consider.

Choose the Correct Recording Mode

Close-ups, portraits, contrasts, wide landscapes or photos at night – the camera offers a suitable mode for every situation. With these modes, the camera adapts to the situations in which the photo is being taken. This way you can capture the atmosphere of the photographed scene much better. The result: sharp, high-contrast and detailed images that are impressive.

If you have little experience with smartphone photography, leave the camera in automatic mode for now, which is activated by default. This recognizes the subject and the surroundings in front of the camera and automatically adjusts the image settings to provide you with the best possible photo. In most cases, this works quite well, as modern HUAWEI smartphones can precisely capture or determine faces, people and scenarios thanks to artificial intelligence. If you already have experience in photography, you can get even more out of the HUAWEI camera with other modes.

Huawei: Professional Photos Thanks To The Latest Technology

Regardless of whether you like to take photos of people, animals, landscapes or your food – the smartphone cameras from HUAWEI are optimally equipped for a wide variety of subjects and, with their modern technology, promise unique photos. The camerakit video mode is equally stunning with endless features.

Current HUAWEI smartphones are equipped with up to four cameras on the back, such as the HUAWEI P40 Pro. This not only looks aesthetic, but also means a huge step forward in terms of photography. In this way, you can create professional and razor-sharp images in every situation.

With a SuperZoom lens, you can bring things that are far away ten times closer to you without any loss of quality. This way, even small details can be easily captured in a photo. In addition, you can capture particularly wide scenarios with an ultra-wide-angle lens, such as landscapes or impressive skylines. Meanwhile, the high-resolution main camera ensures authentic color saturation and image stabilization.

Photo Tips for Huawei Smartphones: This Is How Every Photo Succeeds

When it comes to photography, there are a few basic rules that automatically make every picture more expressive and professional. If you take these to heart, you can create unique mobile phone photos with little effort.

The Motif

The subject is the heart of a picture what is the use of the best mode if the subject is poorly chosen? It is important that you have a picture in your head before you release the shutter. Think about which objects are in the foreground and what exactly should be seen. Also, think about the background and avoid distracting elements so as not to clutter the picture.

The Golden Cut

In photography, the so-called golden ratio is one of the most important rules for an expressive and harmonious image structure. A simplified form is the rule of thirds: mentally divide the picture into three horizontal and three vertical areas. You can easily display the guidelines with most HUAWEI cameras. Important elements should always be placed approximately at the intersections of these lines. Natural lines, such as horizons or straight edges, are ideally located on the 1/3 lines in the image.

Clear Symmetry

In addition to the golden ratio, symmetries also ensure more balance and harmony in photos. So when photographing symmetrical objects, such as corridors or houses, make sure that there are clear symmetries. But watch out: Map the symmetry either exactly or very differently. If it is only shifted slightly, the image can quickly look flawed.